5 Simple Steps to Using Your Tiki Torches Safely


Over the last few years tiki torches have become incredibly popular across the United States. In this article I’m going to give you a few tips on some of the pros and cons of tiki torches and how to select the best tiki torches for you garden.

The first thing to mention about tiki torches is that they have a real flame – this is part of their beauty and the major negative too.

Much of the allure of tiki oil torches is the air produced by a natural flame. Despite all the advances in technology and gas torches and oil flame seems to have a more natural effect. There is something magical in the dancing shadows produced as the flame ebbs and flows that a gas flame or electric light just can’t seem to match.

But a real flame can be dangerous and it’s important to treat a tiki oil torch and its natural oil flame with respect.

  1. Always make sure that tiki torches are set up well away from flammable objects such as fences and dry bushes. This is important because you want your tiki oil torches to enhance your evening not turn it into crisis management practice.
  2. Make sure that your tiki oil burning torches are set up as they were designed to be. For example a garden tiki torches should be planted firmly into substantial ground that will keep up them stable – if you’re using tiki deck torches make sure you buy the kind that are designed to clamp solidly onto your deck. This way if someone inadvertently knocks them while your enjoying your evening they will keep standing.
  3. Always use the correct tiki oil torch fuel in your torches. Some people are tempted to burn anything from methylated spirits to oil engine oil in their tiki torches – this is a big mistake – not only is burning the incorrect fuels dangerous it’s unhealthy too.
  4. Use Quality Tiki Oil Torches. It can be tempting to make your own oil burning oil torches – but unless you really know what you doing you’d be well advised to stay away from DIY and invest in some professionally made torches that will enhance your garden and keep you safe.
  5. Keep children away from the flames.This may seem obvious but make sure you keep lighted tiki torches away from small children. Children can be fascinated by real flames and can try to pull the torch over to play with the flame. If you have small toddlers it might be wise to avoid tiki oil torches for a few years – switch to solar powered tiki torches. These use solar electric battery lighting and are much much safer when there are small children around.

It might seem I’m going a little over the top on “health and safety” but too many people every year are burned and hurt by not taking the correct precautions around flame. See the OSHA website for more details. This is such an unnecessary waste because by following these simple steps they could be enjoying a great evening with friends and family, instead of explaining what happened to the doctor in the emergency department.

So if you want to enjoy a little tiki magic in your garden, with your friends and family – why not take a few simple steps and keep everyone safer?

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