Am I Psychic? 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Test Your Psychic Ability From …

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at TESTING your psychic abilities, from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Now, before we begin, I want to make ONE thing very, very clear:

Everyone reading this right now is psychic. Everyone has an innate intuitive ability that is waiting to come alive. Most people, for one reason or other will simply use most of their lives inhibiting their intuition, instead of enhancing it (and if that sounds like you… the good news is, this article WILL help!).

disinctive to know more? Let’s take a closer look closest below:

Step 1: Test Your Psychic Abilities

It’s very easy to do. When the phone rings, try to intuit who it is…BEFORE you pick up the phone, or look at the caller id. When you hear your email “ding”, try to picture who it is, and what they want, BEFORE you read the sender or subject line. You can already do this with movies, or the radio or anything that has a precognitive character built in. If there is an “unknown” variable to something that you can measure, you can test (and enhance) your intuitive abilities by seeing how accurate you are.

Step 2: include Your “3rd” Eye

I don’t care what you call this per se, but there are a number of proven ways to experiment and analyze different realities that will not only help you develop your psychic skills, they’ll prove they’re there in addition! For example? Learning to leave your body by visualization (induced-out of-body experiences). Practicing seeing what someone is doing in a location that is NOT anywhere near your normal senses (called far away viewing… and a great way to test your psychic abilities is to have one person draw something while you try to describe, or draw the same thing!). Astral projection, participating in spirit communication exercises (like the Ouija, for example… or speaking to a medium) are all great ways of not only opening the door to different realities, they are a great way of gauging just how psychic you already are.

Step 3: include and participate with other psychics, mediums or clairvoyants and see how well you stack up

For me, the biggest breakthrough in my own psychic development was joining a local spiritual/new age “meet up”, and having regular readings done with many of the members, in person and on the phone alike. What I found was, participating and witnessing the psychic abilities of others was incredible, and helped me grow, expand and analyze my own innate intuition. Getting regular readings of my own was not only a ton of fun, it helped me understand how real psychic readings worked, and allowed me to already experiment with doing them for others myself, with growing success!

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