Anger Held Within The Body Brought Me Arthritis – My Healing Journey Part 1

Anger Held Within The Body Brought Me Arthritis – My Healing Journey Part 1

This complete year’s articles will be a series of healing articles on my arthritic hip healing journey and then the healing after arthroscopic surgery of the hip. I’ve been dealing with pain in my hip due to arthritis for the past associate of years now. When I had it checked out, I was told by my orthopedic that although too young now, I will at some point need a new hip due to degenerative arthritis. This less than wonderful news was so very upsetting but for me, but it was now time to ramp up my healing with Reiki. Then, it was back to business as usual. So back to my workouts as there’s really nothing to do just however but deal with the occasional arthritis pain and continue with Reiki to help.

During one of my workouts last April, I realized that something was terribly wrong. After the workout and the day after, I didn’t have the usual pain feeling like I did a hell of a workout. It was a sharp continuous pain which we discovered shortly after by an arthrogram MRI, that I now had labral tear. Holy cow, that pain was awful and continued to be awful for the rest of the year, already with Reiki, physical therapy and prolotherapy injections to promote natural healing! When I felt like enough was enough, my doctor and I decided that for me, it was on to arthroscopic surgery to repair the tear in my labrum and in any case else they find in there. This surgery took place on January 30th, 2020.

The next series of articles were written as a recap of the healing that had taken place over the time of the past year and a half to where I am now after surgery, and all of the different modalities that I’ve used during the time of action. It is my hope that by my writing, people reading my articles will see that there is no healing modality that is one and done. True healing takes place over the time of your lifetime and sometimes already when you think you’ve moved past a particularly difficult life experience, chances are you may not have released as much of that issue as you think. So over the next few months, I will proportion with you the transformational course of action of healing that occurred while working on the arthritis in my hip, along with the many different healing modalities I used and how they’ve helped me during a very difficult and painful time in my life. Hopefully traveling by my personal healing journey, everyone seeks the help they may need by learning that we are all rare. And so too is our course of action, which is why I tell all of my clients to please be patient, as healing anything is definitely a course of action.

I’ve been practicing Reiki now for over 10 years and am now a Reiki Master Teacher and a Medical Reiki Master. My teachings of Reiki are very personal to me in the fact that I’ve learned the hard way that emotional pain held within long enough, does in fact, wreak havoc in your physical body. The proof for me was cancer twice! Sadly, it took some time for me to digest, but let that sink in! Emotional pain held within me produced cancer in my body TWICE!

Some time ago, I wrote an article about how internalized emotions turn into physical pain. What I didn’t know at the time is that pain that sometimes comes to you in the form of arthritis, a decline on your bones, and could be due to holding onto anger. I learned this from a beautiful light worker, Rita V Klyauzova who, by Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. She was able to show me exactly what was being held inside of me. by Rita’s form of healing, she helped me learn that I nevertheless needed to forgive those past emotional pains that I was holding on to so firmly seemingly.

My fear was that if I didn’t do the work of releasing all of my emotional stuff before the surgery, the arthritis issue may continue on with a vengeance or already worse in the same area. So, of course now I need to do some research and this is what I’ve found:

Release Fear and Anger to Heal Arthritis, July 9, 2019 written by Christiane Northrup, MD (1)

“Pain of any kind has emotional roots. In fact, studies show that emotional factors are crucial to the development of R.A. The emotions associated with arthritis are usually unexpressed anger, resentment, aggression, criticism (of self and others), without of sustain, and fear. Experts suggest that one reason women are afflicted with R.A four times more frequently than men is that women are taught from early childhood not to express anger.” (1)

I found another article written by Jeanette Raymond, PhD on September 9, 2012 called Unexpressed Anger And Stress Predispose Women To Rheumatoid Arthritis. (2)

“A report in the Journal of Chronic Disease as long ago as 1964 reviewed the research on personality amount those with doctor diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis and found that sufferers tend to be self-sacrificing, masochistic, conforming, self-conscious, shy, inhibited, perfectionistic, and interested in sports and games.” (2)

I’ve done so much internal work throughout my life to be well, and after two bouts of cancer, I truly didn’t think I was nevertheless holding onto anything. I thought I had released all, if not most of the emotional pain in my past. Oh, boy was I wrong… the residual emotional pain of my past that was nevertheless being held within me, assisted the generative arthritis along and then due to the compromised hip, a labral tear was super easy to accomplish. I worked with Reiki every night while laying in bed on my hip, but the daily walking and living life didn’t help it heal at all as the arthritis helped it continue to deteriorate and fray the labrum.

already after practicing Reiki for 10 years, helping others, and doing my own internal work, it appears that I nevertheless have a journey of healing ahead of me. The takeaway here that I’d like to proportion is that forgiveness heals all. So forgiveness is where my journey begins.

If you are finding yourself in a place where your life is no longer working for you, find a healer that resonates with you, and allow them to help you find a way to change the dance in your life. And if you are on your own healing journey, I’ll remind you that healing is messy. And it takes time, so, be patient with yourself. Not my strong suit, I will let in, but this is why I’m sharing my story.

I’ve been fortunate enough to come across many different types of healers who have all helped me in my journey along the way. I was blessed to have found Rita, and she was brought to me by a client of mine. Words cannot already begin to thank either of them enough for the loving light and knowledge that was brought to me when our paths crossed. It just goes to show you that everything in life is divinely timed. It’s my time to release some things and fix up this hip.

My mission is to help people find the light, whether it’s by healing sessions I can provide, sharing another healers work, or by my own personal healing experiences that I have shared. If I can help already one person with any of these things, then I’m happy to have done so. So keep your eyes peeled for the next part of my healing journey:

Shadow work releases pain, bringing in the light! Let’s dive in!

And please proportion this article with anyone you think may need to hear any of this!

Another great read with useful information if you have the time:

Emotions like anger and sadness may cause pain in addition as being a consequence of it by Marjorie S. Miller, Pennsylvania State University Sept 10, 2018

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