Becoming ONE, People and Planet – Awakeing to Self

Becoming ONE, People and Planet – Awakeing to Self

In our modern times, not only have we separated ourselves from our planet, we seem to be on a mission to destroy it. However, if the planet is destroyed, where are we to live? This question strikes such fear in us that many try to ignore it, as it seems that one person is not enough to stop the tide of destruction. At the same time, most of us are having problems of our own. New diseases have surfaced, and many feel depleted and confused about why we seem to feel different than we ever have before.

Could these two events be connected? Is it possible that “disaster” is the chaos that precedes great transformation? Again, what can one person do? however, what if we were truly more than one person? What if the person that we appear to be today has great, untapped possible that has been lost in the fight for survival in everyday life? We are currently using only 10-15% of our brain, and scientists have told us that up to 90% of our DNA is “junk DNA.”

If we can rise above our fear and live in the unity of love, perhaps we can awaken great, untapped abilities; for where in character is an organism only 10% functional? The answer is, when they are in their chrysalis form. We have been programmed by the world around us to believe that change is frightening (a fear in which a caterpillar is too “uninvolved” to experience). however, we can look into our lives and remember times of great change where we were frightened that, perhaps, we would not make it by. Later, sometimes much later, we find that our life is much improved.

Could it be that this great destruction could also be a change? There are many ancient prophecies that give evidence to to that fact. If, indeed, we are in a time of great change, we need to activate our inner resources and combine forces with like-minded others. These “others” include our planet, the living being with whom we are a part. It is “time” now that we awaken to our true SELF, for 10% of our possible is not enough to confront the task at hand.


We are that “Light of the ONE.” However, when we were born, our great Light passed by the prism into our third dimensional earth canal. We then forgot our Multidimensional SELF and became “just” a third dimensional human. If we can awaken to the fact that we are more than our earth canal and remember that “we” are the Light that fills this canal, and much, much more, we can remember our true, Multidimensional SELF.

Once we become ONE with our SELF, we become ONE with every other Being of Light who has passed by the prism into the third size. In fact, we then become ONE with the Being, Gaia, as she was named in early Greece, our planetary SELF. truly, one person at a time, we are beginning to remember that we were always ONE and we just forgot.

To fully remember, each of us must go into the depths of the person that we are NOW to find our roots, thorough in the chief of Gaia, and proportion our great, Multidimensional Light with Her. Gaia, in turn, will proportion Her Planetary Consciousness with us to assist us in remembering that WE are the Light of the ONE-the ONE we are Becoming.


As we awaken to our true, Multidimensional SELF, our consciousness will expand to include truths that we have long since forgotten. One of these truths is, “Everything is alive-because NOTHING is separate from the life force of the ONE.” When we were “early,” we believed that everything around us was alive and part of the Great Mother. However, as we became “civilized,” we separated our self from our ecosystem, from others, and from our Multidimensional SELF. Instead, we identified our “self” with the earth canal that carried our Light and the ego that has been its Captain.

This separation has produced many innovations and inventions, but it has also produced great fear. No longer is Earth our Mother and the living Being who protects us and affords us a place to live and evolve. In our separation, not only have we forgotten how to communicate with the planet that we are a part of, we have become her enemy and treated her as poorly as, well, as poorly as we treat other humans. In fact, we treat Gaia as badly as we often treat ourselves. It is fear that creates this misconduct, for adrenalin fills our body and our body goes into survival mode.

Unfortunately, fear is far too natural to many, many people. How can it not be? We have to protect ourselves and our loved ones from a world that is regularly in flux. however, what if we could use one day, or already one hour, perceiving EVERYTHING as alive and an component of our SELF who, in turn, is an component of the Planet? Would we behave differently than we do under the 3D Paradigm of Separation?

What reality would we create in a world where everything is alive and a portion of our total SELF? This SELF is truly already inside of us, waiting to be activated with our “conscious intention.” Conscious intention is often something we don’t have “time” for in our busy lives. Nonetheless, with practice, conscious intention can be just as familiar to you as fear is now.

In reality, if we are not consciously intent on living in love, fear, which is a natural reaction to today’s changes, will take over. Two antidotes to fear are information, as fear thrives in ignorance, and love, especially love for our selves. For how can we “live in love” if we don’t “feel” love. by remembering our true, Multidimensional SELF, we can experience the Unconditional Love that regularly flows from the SELF that we have forgotten and the planet whom we have made into a “thing.” Love is free and infinite, for love is a vibration that resonates to the Light of the ONE from whence we came.


The early morning light

shines by the window

glistening and dancing

across the table.

Now is the time to remember,

remember our Self.

Now, when the light is near,

we must allow it to go into thorough within

to show our SELF and

awaken ancient memories

that know all,

feel all,

think all,

love all.

For only in

knowing our Self,

can we truly know another.

Only in

trusting our Self,

can we truly trust another.

Only in

receiving comfort from our Self,

can we truly comfort another.

Only in

loving our Self,

can we truly love another.

We have many “selves,” for we are the sum total of everyone we have ever been and everything we have ever experienced. Most of our many selves are “unconscious” to our everyday life, which is quite fortunate or we would be completely overwhelmed. however, we have some extremely evolved people who are lost inside our unconscious mind, in addition as some very wounded people whom our powerful selves could love into healing. Love, is the healing force of the Universe. Love is an energy field which expands and unites. Hence, it is the perfect balance for fear, an energy field that constricts and separates.

It is time NOW to release the illusions of separation from our true SELF, so that we can be free of the illusionary limitation that we have been taught by a world filled with fear. One of the first aspects of our self that we need to retrieve is our inner child, so that we can regain our wonderful imagination. Imagination is the brick and mortar for creating the life that is just beyond our belief in limitation; for, how can we create that which we cannot imagine? Imagination is the chief of creativity, as it allows us to embrace that which is so different that it seems impossible.

Wake up, now, from the dream that you believed was reality,

and your true SELF will be revealed like the parting clouds show the Sun.


Our third dimensional body is usually ruled by our conscious mind, but when we have the courage to dip into the shadows of our unconscious mind, we begin to heal our wounded child. This healing creates a powerful catalyst for change. It does not matter how we change, for each one will change in their own way according to their own directions. What matters is that, as we heal our wounded child, we slowly begin to connect with our Divine Child, who holds the memory of our true, Multidimensional SELF. With the awakening of our Divine Child, we little by little become “conscious” of some of the innate abilities of our true SELF.

Unfortunately, many of us may feel as though we must hide our new abilities for fear of judgment from others. however, if we are courageous enough to “come out of the closet” and say things such as, “I met an angel in my dreams last night,” or “I knew you were going to say that,” or openly let in that we have awakened to our multidimensional powers, such as precognition, telepathy, empathy, instincts, telekinesis or clairvoyance, we serve to make it safer for others to “come out” in addition. Many of these abilities have been hidden with superstition and disbelief, but as more and more of us come forward, what has formerly seemed “different” will become “normal.”

This fear of being different began long ago with the superstition unleashed by the Dark Ages. At that time, anything that was different from what was considered “normal” was bad. Hence, if someone accidentally remembered their Multidimensional SELF and openly expressed it, they were considered different. Worse however, they were considered evil. Hopefully, we have evolved enough in this passage of time that fear is no longer the first reaction to a rare experience. Psychic powers are not evil or already magic. They are natural abilities of our Multidimensional SELF.

We are on the verge of a paradigm shift. Once we thought the world was flat and the Sun rotated around the Earth. As we expand our consciousness beyond the strict confines of the third size, our perceptions also expand so that we can consciously perceive beyond the limits of our third dimensional reality. Yesterday’s science fiction becomes today’s scientific fact, and our unconscious and superconscious minds become consciously easy to reach in our everyday life. Some of the multidimensional abilities that we will regain are:



n. Knowledge of something in improvement of its occurrence, especially by extrasensory perception.

Precognition, seeing into the “future,” is the fourth dimensional ability to move beyond the constraints of 3D time and into the mutable time of the fourth size. Once we have practiced our sense of precognition we can already discriminate between a “possible reality” and a “probable reality.” A possible reality is a choice of the ego and a probable reality is a directive from our fifth dimensional SELF. If we are in tune with our SELF, we will likely welcome, and choose to experience, that reality by filling it with our desire and conscious intention.



n. Apparent communication from one mind to another without using sensory perceptions.

Telepathy is the ability to read, or have a “knowing,” of another person’s thoughts. An example would be when we answer a question that the other person has not however spoken. It is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability, which is a natural consequence of either moving beyond the constraints of third dimensional time and into the more fluid fourth dimensional time, and/or moving into fifth dimensional consciousness where all life is blended in unity with the ONE.



n. Direct identification with, understanding of, and vicarious experience of another person’s situation, feelings, and motives.

Empathy is the ability to feel another person’s emotions. It is a second dimensional ability shared by “early” tribal societies, herd animals, and/or birds in a flock. An example of this is when our pet comes up and nudges us in an attempt to comfort our sadness. Other examples are a mother’s understanding of what her nonverbal infant needs and a healer’s thorough knowing of how a patient feels.



n. The movement of objects by scientifically inexplicable method.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with our mind. It is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability which allows us to move objects by space without the workings of our physical body. In our fourth and fifth dimensional self, our mind, emotions and intentions are more powerful than our muscles. consequently, we can displace objects by combining our thoughts and emotions with our conscious intention.



n. An inborn pattern of behavior that is characteristic of a species and is often a response to specific environmental stimuli: the spawning instinct in salmon; altruistic instincts in social animals. A powerful motivation or impulse, or an innate capability or aptitude: an instinct for tact and diplomacy.

Instinct, which is an innate “knowing,” is another second dimensional ability based on our “early self” who has the ability to tune into the planet to know where water is, what food will heal us or poison us and the location of our “tribe.” If we “give a horse his head,” he will find water. Animals in the wild know what food they are meant to eat and what food will hurt them. Birds in a flock all take off in the same exact second. Animals in a herd migrate as one being. If humans are “more evolved” than these animals, why would we loose that ability?



n. The strength to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses; acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects that resonate to the fourth size and beyond. As we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand beyond the confines of the 3D spectrum of light. Hence, we can “see” objects and beings in the fourth size and beyond.



n. The strength to hear things outside the range of normal perception.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds from the fourth size and beyond. With practice, we can all communicate with realities that resonate to frequencies beyond the third size.



n. The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition. Knowledge attained by the use of this faculty; a perceptive insight, a sense of something not apparent or deducible; an impression.

Intuition is the ability to combine the perceptions of the fourth size and beyond, such as vision, hearing, proprioception (our location in space) and smell. All these abilities are derived from our brain’s functioning beyond the 10-15% range that is considered “normal.”



n A condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination; “follow God’s light. The degree of visibility of your ecosystem, an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding.

Illumination arises as we surrender our ego to our fifth dimensional Soul/SELF to become ONE with the NOW of the higher dimensions. Just one 3D moment of such Union can set us on a Path that takes most of our life to journey.


This term is not found in traditional dictionaries.

Clairsentience is the umbrella term for all psychic senses together. When we are clairsentient, we can access our expanded senses to smell, see and touch another person’s aura, hear another person’s thoughts or feel their emotions.

As we connect with our Multidimensional SELF, we feel an inner urge to expand our abilities beyond the limitations of the society in which we live. Our SELF gives the courage to “come out” with our latent abilities and to ignore the judgments of others who are nevertheless afraid of change. The world is uniting, thanks to the few who have the vision to forge ahead where others are afraid to change. It is the unperceived influence of our Multidimensional SELF that is creating this change. Imagine the change that will occur as we consciously recognize and unite with our greater SELF.


What does it average to be “conscious” in the physical plane? Does it average simply to be alive or does it average also to be aware? And, of what are we aware? truly, to which of the myriad perceptions do we choose to consciously attend? Our physical life is not just what we keep up in our daily, conscious mind, it is also the ability to be “conscious” of what we try to hide thorough inside ourselves. We all have many memories hidden in our unconscious mind, in addition as in our superconscious mind.

To be truly “conscious” in our mundane life we must also be aware of these hidden portions of our total consciousness. Otherwise, we will not have access to all of our possible choices of perception. While we are limited to the logical, sequential processing of our third dimensional consciousness, we cannot attend to the continued bombardment of multidimensional stimuli. consequently, we must filter out most of what we perceive and keep aware of only a small portion of our total life experience. All that we have chosen to ignore is then stored in our unconscious and superconscious minds.

These “perceptual filters” are produced by our beliefs. Our beliefs influence our expectations, and, in turn, our expectations influence our perceptions. For example, if we believe that the world is a hostile place, we will expect to see an enemy around every corner. Then, since we believe that the world is hostile, when some one comes around that corner, a normal someone with a great and paradoxical range of thoughts and emotions, we expect to see an angry threatening person.

consequently, we are aware of only the portions of that complicate person that are expressing anger, as we have filtered-out the portions of that person that are kind and loving. Then, because we have chosen to perceive this complicate person as being angry, we feel a need to “defend” ourselves against this “angry” person. With our fear and anger, we amplify the fear and anger in this stranger. Voila! We have produced an enemy, and we have also reaffirmed our belief that the world is a hostile place.

however, let us say that our belief is that the world is generally a loving place and that most people are of good character. Now, on the very same day, at the very same time, we walk around the same corner and meet that same complicate person. Because we believe the world is generally a loving place, we expect the approaching person to be friendly. consequently, we smile warmly and say hello.

Since we are warm and friendly, we amplify the portion of this stranger that is also warm and friendly. Also, we expect a friendly reply, so we filter out the portion of this person that is frightened or angry and choose to perceive the portion that is friendly. In this scenario, it is likely that the person will respond in the same manner in which he or she was addressed. Again, we have affirmed our belief by “unconsciously” choosing to perceive that which is consistent with the expectations of that belief.


How were the beliefs formed that produced our formed? Belief filters are custom-made based on a hierarchical system. In other words, what is most important comes first. And, what is most important of all is survival. Inherent in all species is the “fear for survival”. Once this fear is activated, we create systems that provide a dominant coping mechanism so that we can survive. For example, if we are a person who believes that the world is a hostile place, we were likely raised in a frightening ecosystem. In order to survive to adulthood, we learned to believe that everyone and everything was a possible threat.

consequently, we expected an enemy everywhere and were regularly prepared for battle. This preparation for battle became a “dominant coping mechanism,” and, already though the external danger ultimately left, our preparation for “war” was stored in our unconscious self. This unconscious belief system then directs our expectations and eventual perceptions. Hence, we are now recreating our childhood ecosystem.

however, if we are a person who believes that the world is a loving place, we were likely raised in a safe and caring ecosystem. Or, perhaps we worked by our early fear and anger and have found a way to believe in love. Either way, we have learned to believe that the world is a loving place or, at the minimum, we have learned to believe in the strength of love. consequently, we are now able to filter out the surrounding negativity and be aware of the positive.

The fact is, not many of us are able to come into adulthood without some fear, anger, loss or pain. However, if we are somehow able to find love, we can use our past trauma to recognize real, “not perceived,” danger so that we can protect ourselves. All of us are now experiencing, or have experienced, a reality that was produced for us by our families, our past, and our society. These realities are based on beliefs that were programmed into our consciousness.

Some of these beliefs have assisted us, but some of them have produced great limitations in our ability to expect, and perceive, the positive and loving aspects of our third dimensional life. Our beliefs can be changed, but habit is powerful. The reality that is familiar brings comfort, already if it hurts. consequently, how can we break out of the habitual beliefs of the familiar and dare to step into an unknown and unfamiliar reality?


To change our reality, we must transmute our belief in fear and limitation into a belief in love and freedom. When our belief system is based on fear, we feel separate from the world around us because our view is that everyone and everything may try to harm us. However, when we learn to believe in love we feel united with the world. Everyone and everything can then be viewed as a new opportunity to experience love.

Belief in fear and limitation creates a self-image of being a victim, “The world is my enemy, and I am its victim.” however, belief in love and freedom creates a self-image of empowerment, “Somehow I produced my reality and since I produced it, I can change it.” It is in switching from “living in fear” to “living in love” that we can alter the basis of our belief systems. Only then can we begin to change the reality that we experience. This change takes time and understanding, but if we can recognize that our experiences are lessons, we can begin our transformation from a dependent victim to a dependable leader.

This transformation has three phases: being “dependent,” being “independent,” and being “dependable.” Everyone moves by these stages of consciousness. Since we are all complicate people, we often move by these phases more quickly in some areas of our life and more slowly in others. Usually, it is in the areas of our life where we have known love that we can transform quickly, and the areas that have caused us fear that transform more slowly. Unfortunately, these fear-filled areas of our life often become our personal nemeses, and we return again and again to address the same old issues in a new way. Fortunately, we each have only a few of these “stuck” places. These areas of our life are our greatest challenge, however they also provide the greatest opportunity for personal growth.


The flower opened slowly

because I thought it must.

The labor was so painful

because it seemed unjust.

The sky was dark and dreary,

for tears had clouded my sight.

But, love returned and called the Sun

to turn me towards the light.

My Spirit whispered to me

in answer to my call,

“Come here, my dear, and listen

and I will tell you all.

You are creator of your life

in each and every way

by the actors you perform with

and the dramas that you play.

What moment are you choosing?

What torment are you losing?

Open up your heart, my dear.

Fill it complete of love, not fear.

The journey is beginning.

Your freedom you are winning.

Live life in surrender,

Allow your Soul to choose

Walk upon the path of love,

There’s nothing you can lose.”

At last I know, I am aware,

I remember what I knew.

I welcome in a brand new life.

The old one now is by.

Excerpted from Becoming ONE, People and Planet: A Manual for Personal and Planetary Transformation

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