Best Air Purifier For 2009 – Consumer Report

Consumer Report Rates The Top 5 Air Purifiers For 2009. Includes New technology Reviews

Over the last 2 months we tested 35 of the top-selling air purifiers. Of those 29 only use 1-3 technologies including the top-selling infomercial brand Oreck XL. A select few use 3-5 (including and one uses all 9 known air purifier technologies. 8 used HEPA filters – Most experts agree that a HEPA filters are the most efficient for removing pollen and dust. However HEPA tends to be the most expensive. Next is UV light – which can kill bacteria and viruses that can contribute to allergy responses.

The New technologies we saw included:

1) Japanese pollen, Odor and dust sensors – this allows the air purifier to adjust to the air conditions minute-by-minute. The assistance – saves electricity and guesswork

2) Japanese Nanotechnology Virus Grids – these new grids kill viruses and bacteria. developed to combat SARS and other airborne problems.

Here are the top 5 beginning with the Best

#1: AliveAir Machine.

PROS: The only 9-stage air purifier
Technologies: HEPA, UV, tio2, Pre-filter, Negative ion, Auto sensors (detects Pollen, Odor, Dust) Active carbon, Catalytic grid,
Price: $350
Room Coverage: 800 Sq. ft.
substitute HEPA Filters; About $30
What we liked best – includes the nanotech virus grids, and the 3 new pollen sensors in a 9-stage unit at an affordable price.

Buying Hint: Look for sales at their online warehouse (

#2: IQAire

PROS: 3-stage, including a good-sized HEPA
Technologies: HEPA, pre-filter
Price: $799
Room Coverage: 800 Sq. ft.
substitute HEPA Filters; About $189

#3: Bluair

PROS: 3-stage Air Purifier
Technologies: HEPA, electrostatic
Price: $529
Room Coverage: 385 Sq. ft.
substitute HEPA Filters; About $119

#4 Austin Air

PROS: 4-stage air purifier
Technologies: HEPA, Zeolite, 2 pre-filters, carbon
Price: $449
Room Coverage: 800 Sq. ft.
substitute HEPA Filters; About $99

#5: PlasmaWave

PROS: 4-stage
Technologies: Washable pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and washable nano-silver mesh/carbon filter.
Price: $370
Room Coverage: 280 Sq. ft.
substitute HEPA Filters; About $99

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