Best Omron Pedometer – HJ-112 Versus Omron HJ-113

Best Omron Pedometer – HJ-112 Versus Omron HJ-113

The argue about the differences between the Omron HJ-112 and the Omron HJ-113 pedometers has been raging on the Internet, but no one seems to have done the research to intelligently resolve what the differences are.

The HJ-112 is considered by most consumers to be the best pedometer obtainable today. It is highly rated by Consumer Reports and is the best selling pedometer on Amazon However, very few people have heard of the HJ-113.

The Omron HJ-113 is a very capable pedometer that offers virtually all of the features of the HJ-112 plus a few additional features.

When you first look at the two units, you notice that the HJ-112 has four function buttons to three for the HJ-113. The additional button on the 112 is the “Reset” button. They both have a memory button, but on the HJ-112, it is labeled “Memory” and on the HJ-113 it is labeled “Memo”.

The “Reset” button on the HJ-112 allows the user to reset the current day data to zero. However, the downside of this action is that the data for the day up to the point of reset is lost from the history for the day and forever. The HJ-113 does not allow this reset.

To compare specifications of each unit, go to the Omron website for the particular pedometer and read the instruction manual. The manuals are obtainable in PDF format for easy downloading. Each manual contains a specifications page that details the specifications and capabilities of the unit.

The most noticeable difference is the shape of the two units. The HJ-112 is more oval shaped than the HJ-113. They are both the same thickness (5/8 inch). The HJ-112 weighs 0.11 ounces more than the HJ-113 with battery included.

The Omron HJ-113 calculates the grams of fat burned during exercise and the HJ-112 does not.

One of the myths on the Internet is that the HJ-113 is a metric pedometer. The Omron specifications for this pedometer show that it is based on English units of measure.

The amazing thing is the Omron HJ-113 is an unknown pedometer. however, it has virtually the same capabilities as the more popular HJ-112 and it sells for about three dollars less on

For a more detailed examination, and to see the specification charts for these two pedometers, refer to the resource information at the end of this article.

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