Betting on Betfair – Betting in Play

Betting on Betfair – Betting in Play

Some events such as a horse race sprint can be over in less than a minute after they begin but other events can take longer. Some such as Wimbledon or the soccer season can last days or months.

How often have you thought the outcome of an event would be one thing only to change your mind after it has begun? Whether you are looking at a 3 mile National Hunt horse race, a tennis or golf tournament with Betfair you have an opportunity to place bets after the event has started. for example, perhaps the horse you thought would win the Grand National falls at the first fence then you could back another horse that you now think would win.

In some sports such as horse racing you have to be very quick to place in running bets as the odds can change almost second by second. Many “in running” or “in play” players use robot software programs more commonly known as bots to automatically place their bets for them. There are a wide range of bots obtainable for use on Betfair and you set the conditions and filters that you want to apply for your bot. The bot then automatically makes the bets for you.

In the UK I know some gamblers who sit in front of the TV and place in running bets based on what they see on the screen. This is fine but you have to remember that there is a small delay between the event and it being relayed. On terrestrial television it is about 3 seconds and with cable or satellite as much as 6 a second delay.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of “trading rooms” that has been set up around the UK. They have access to the SIS TV race system which provides almost at the same time pictures for those who bet “in play”. Players pay a fee to use the trading room and these facilities are proving popular with in play punters.

There is a possible in horse racing to win or lose quite big amounts and in running betting on horse races is not for those with a faint heart. Events such as football and tennis matches are played at a more leisurely speed and probably a better place to start if you are interested I in play betting.

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