by the Genes – You Could Tell If a Man Can Be a Good Husband

by the Genes – You Could Tell If a Man Can Be a Good Husband

Research has never ceased to amaze me and recently it has been thought that someone could tell if the other person is good by just looking at their genes. There is something about the genes that make us into what we are and determine how we behave. Now if you want to know if the man you have is the one for you and if they will make a good husband you should look at their genes. It was found out by researchers that the variations in a section of a specific DNA was responsible for making them get attached to their partners or not. So you could determine if your man will cheat on you or not or if you should leave your partner because he has a ‘wrong’ DNA which is the two of you cannot be together because if you did, he could turn out to be a polygamous person which you do not want.

For a long time now, it was thought that the hormone vasopressin which is found in human beings varies from one person to another and depending with what a man has in his genetic make up will make him a monogamous person or a many women person. It was also found that the more copies of a gene referred to as RS3 334 the more likely they are to have multiple partners. A researcher in Stockholm Sweden known as Hasse Walum together with other members looked at 552 Swedish people who were all in a heterosexual relationship and noticed that the variation in this gene, the RS3 334 determined how men bond with their partner consequently making them good husbands or not. And that the higher the number of copies they had the worse they were when it came to bonding.

However, it is not only this gene that is thought to make the men like this. There are several things that can have something to do with the gene or not. The family back ground can contribute a lot to a mans behavior. It is generally said that girls in their old age are more likely to turn into their mothers, likewise, it can be said that the boys in their man hood are more likely to turn into their fathers and if their fathers had multiple partners, they are more likely to turn out like their fathers and this we could say contributes a lot to knowing if your mate will make a good husband or not. Go meet their dad, see how he behaves with women and make your conclusion of whether he could be a nice person or not.

The surrounding in which he was brought up could also determine if a man will make a nice husband or not. If you want to know if your boyfriend will make a good husband you can check out the ecosystem in which he was brought in. See if he was brought up to respect women or to disrespect them. Ask them applicable questions to find out if you they were brought up in a nice ecosystem and if this ecosystem did anything to change them or they are good.

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