Car Insurance Cost – Which Company Gives the Best Deals?

When it comes to automobile insurance, there are so many insurance carriers out there; it is sometimes a bit overwhelming. Each company claims to offer the lowest priced premiums and excellent customer service, but in fact, who really does? If you were to search on Google, typing “Automobile Insurance”, you would find thousands of insurance companies. You will notice some of the names, and others you will have never heard of in your life. So where do you go when looking for the best deal on automobile insurance? This articles was designed to give you some perspective on some of the most trustworthy insurance companies out there that offer great deals.


It is a safe bet to say, everyone has heard of the insurer Geico. It is hard not to miss their humorous advertisements on the television, radio and internet. They are virtually everywhere! This is because Geico is a healthy company. Not only do they offer great rates, they have excellent customer service. Personally, I have insured both of my vehicles by Geico and have never had a problem. I decided to switch to Geico after talking to a few people. At the time I had Progressive ( an insurer I highly do not recommend). They informed me I was paying way to much for my car insurance, so I got a quote by Geico. And like the commercial said, I did save $102.00 a month on car insurance. Talk about a huge difference!


This is an insurance company that carries different types of insurance. It has been around for a long time and knows how to take care of its customers. They offer a huge variety of auto insurance discounts. If you visit their website, you will see a very clear, clean layout that answers many automobile owners’ needs. Another great aspect of this company is they are very forgiving. They have an accident forgiveness program that is truly rare to their company. They are also understanding of teen drivers. If you have not in addition considered Nationwide, you might want to get a quote.


If you are a driver that has had a clean record for a while, this is a good option. Allstate is definitely not for the newer drivers, but for the more well established. The difference between say Geico and Allstate is they take your credit score in to major consideration. Allstate offers great deals, discounts, especially if you insure multiple lines with them. Like stated above, if you are in good standing with your driving record and your crdit, Allstate is definitely a great option to choose.

It is important to find the best insurance company that fits your specific needs. The insurance company you pick will vary according to your specific such as a new driver, multiple cars, driving record, credit history and more. Remember, it is important to shop around for car insurance. It costs nothing to get a quote and most quotes are active for at the minimum 15 days after acquiring on. In these times, it is a necessity.

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