Chipmunk Home Remedies That You Can Try at Your Home

Chipmunk Home Remedies That You Can Try at Your Home

Chipmunks, better known as squirrels are sweet creatures but can be misleading in addition. They cause enormous amount of digging and eating all around the garden and are very destructive to the lawn and garden. The chipmunks are ground dwellers but for food and protection whenever they need they climb the trees and the shrubs. They are very alert to danger and are very quick in the movements. They need to be removed in order that the gardens are not harmed. They can be chased away using certain repellents. But that is not the last solution.

Earlier moth balls was used and proved to be quite effective. But now it’s found useless. Among the researches remedies that will keep these chipmunks away are Nutmeg and cinnamon, Peppermint oil, Capacin, Jalapeno peppers, Serrano pepper, Cayenne pepper, Chilli powder, Tabasco sauce, WD-40, Aspirins and peanut butter and also dog hair clumps. Among these few like the chilli powder, pepper can be placed around the plants and these chipmunks cannot stand these strong spices.

There are repellents which are commercial and found in the market that could have a greater impact but will cost more than the home solution. Also fox urine found in the market when used dabbing it in a cotton ball keeps the squirrels away as they smell a fox to be around.

These small furry creatures sometimes makes a rat hole kind to go into into the houses. So having a cat at home can resolve this problem in addition. The simplest method is to set up a cage with a peanut butter. Peanut is a favorite among the squirrel and so this form of a trap works. Another effective way is to use water then pour in sunflower seeds so that the water is not seen. And then place a strip of wood against the side to act as a ramp and place a few seeds on the ramp. The chipmunks are drawn towards the pale of water filled with the seeds and without any hesitation they jump. As a consequence they die in the water. This is an easy way to eradicate them and a bulk of them can be removed effortlessly.

All these methods are tried at home and one among the mentioned will certainly help in ensuring eradication of the problem. These squirrels cause a lot of damage to the plantations as they damage the plants from the roots and also, make tunnels in the ground. They are small, they are fast and they are destructive.

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