Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are used for heavy traffic areas. Commercial floor mats are of a heavy duty variety and being lasting they are a cost effective flooring solution. These kinds of mats are used in places like showrooms, other retail sales and characterize areas and other public areas where a lot of people come and go.

Commercial floor mats win over other flooring solutions like floor paints or tiles when compared on the basis of cost effectiveness or durability.

A few standard patterns have been developed and are generally used for making commercial floor mats. The three shared patterns in use are coin pattern flooring, ribbed pattern flooring and tread pattern flooring.

The coin pattern is used for flooring applications that necessitate an attractive look and some amount of cushioning. The ribbed pattern is pressed into use where there is a need to control liquid spills and other debris. The tread pattern is used wherever a tough look and better traction is called for.

Commercial mats are mostly manufactured using vinyl. Commercial floor mats are generally made to a thickness of approximately .075 inches in thickness.

The sturdiness of commercial floor mats is such that they are fire retardant. Most of the commercial mats sold are reputed to be able to have resistance against cigarette and solder burns. Manufacturers also offer assurances that these products do not contain asbestos and rule. Most commercial floor mats also have good oil resistance. This implies that oil does not pass by slowly into the mat or pass by slowly by it either. Any oil spills are contained in the mat and can be easily cleaned.

Certain special kinds of commercial mats have also been developed by certain manufacturers. Anti-static mats are made for workplaces that deal in material that is potentially explosive. Hospitals and other health care facilities are offered floor mats with an anti microbial formula. Similarly veterinary and animal care facilities are offered anti fungal floor mats for providing good quality care to animals. For automobile repair workshops oil impervious formulas are used to make appropriate mats for their work requirements.

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