Crow Wing DWI Attorney and DWI Court

Crow Wing DWI Attorney and DWI Court

Crow Wing County is one of the few counties in the country that has a DWI Court. There are numerous eligibility requirements before an offender is allowed in the DWI Court. There is a team approach and every candidate is screened by the DWI Court Team. The DWI Court Team consists of the estimate, prosecutor, defense counsel, probation agent, substance abuse specialist and law enforcement. It is modeled after the drug court protocol. Applying for DWI court can be a tricky proposition. Retaining a Crow Wing County DWI Attorney will assist you in this course of action. This attorney knows the judges and the prosecutors. This attorney will know how to present your situation to maximize the odds of acceptance.

DWI Court consists of four phases and a graduation. During each phase the participants will be required to complete certain goals. As participants improvement by the program the phase requirements may become less restrictive. During all phases of the program participants will be required to cooperate with frequent, random and observed alcohol and drug testing, cooperation with frequent and random field visits and office visits, attend DWI Court hearings and abstain from alcohol and drug use.

Phase I: Participants will go into and successfully complete the recommended treatment programs and establish abstinence. Must be in Phase I for a minimum of three months and have 30 days of continuous sobriety.

Phase II: Participants will focus on continued abstinence, stabilization and maintenance of recovery. Must be in Phase II for a minimum of four months and have 90 days of continuous sobriety.

Phase III: Participants will continue to focus on abstinence and maintenance of recovery.

Must be in Phase III for a minimum of five months and have 120 days of continuous sobriety.

Phase IV: Participants will focus on reaching personal and treatment goals while sustaining recovery, reinforcing and maintaining a clean, sober and legal lifestyle. Must be in Phase IV for a minimum of six months and have a minimum of eighteen months in the program and have 270 days of continuous sobriety.

If you are eligible for DWI court, contact your local Crow Wing County DUI Attorney for assistance. This DWI program can save you from jail and it may possibly save your life.

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