Disadvantages Of Free Email sets

Disadvantages Of Free Email sets

Most of us use free email sets to create email accounts and continue them. Sometimes we use these email accounts to send very important emails. I also have experienced this. But there are times we hate these email sets due to many reasons. I will describe some disadvantages of these free email sets in this post.

The most important disadvantage is the security and privacy. We cannot control our privacy and security of our emails and profile data. All the free email service providers including Gmail, Yahoo and hotmail say that they guarantee the complete privacy. But can we make sure that they truly do that. Most of us receive unwanted emails (spam) already if we don’t provide our email addresses to a third party. Some of you may know that many free email sets sell their email addresses to various marketing companies. consequently we can’t believe on the guarantees of these free email service providers.

Another disadvantage is most of these free email sets provides simple web based email facilities where we can’t do many modifications. For an example if we use Gmail web interface to send an email, it is very hard to add a picture from our local machine instead of sending as an attachment. It also limits the customization of text and images. It is hard to add a customized email identifying characteristics also.

Many companies provide free email sets to make it as a good advertising and marketing medium. truly that’s all they want and don’t care about how it affects the email user. For an example when you log into your Gmail or Yahoo email account, you will see advertisements in the right side and top. This is not a big headache in Gmail, but in Yahoo it is a real headache especially with their new webmail interface. I’m not comfortable with it and truly it is a headache for me. I think that most of you feel in the same way. It is possible to assume that we will lose our actual email workspace size in the coming future where more and more advertising and marketing methods are additional to our web email interface. Up to now, there is one way that we can stop this by configuring an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird for our email account.

As far as I know, some companies and individuals pay less attention to the emails they receive from free email sets addresses as they experience that most of them are spam. Due to this, there is a great possibility that they will miss very important emails sent to them. This will also affect us if we send important emails from free email sets.

consequently it is better if you can have a personal email account in your own domain (Ex. [email protected]) if it is affordable. If not, make sure that you use an email client and put an attractive mail subject where the receiver will put more attention to your email.

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