Dr Floras Colon Cleanse Review – Facts and Review

Dr Floras Colon Cleanse Review – Facts and Review

Dr. Floras colon cleanse is one of the most talked about colon cleanse products on the market. As someone who’s been practicing colon cleansing and detox for several years I was naturally intrigued.

Dr. Floras offers a whole range of detox and colon cleansing products that alleviate problems associated with:

o Headaches

o Constipation

o Gas/Bloating

o Weight Gain

o Irritable Bowel Syndrome

o Skin Problems

o Allergy Symptoms

Using Dr. Floras Colon Cleanse

I purchased one bottle of Dr. Flora’s Colon cleanse to see how effective it would be at cleansing my intestines. I sometimes suffer from constipation so having a good colon cleanser is a must for me to alleviate the discomfort. I followed the 15 day colon cleanse cycle and here’s what happened …

Day 1 – In the morning I mixed one heaping spoon into a large glass of fruit juice. On its own, it has a rather bland taste so the fruit juice covers it up and makes it a whole lot better. Compared to many of the other products I’ve used, Dr. Flora goes down very easy with no aftertaste.

Day 2-6 – I have continued following the program except maybe on or twice where I slipped up but no big deal. After the 6th day I noticed a sick looking Mucous Plaque in my bowel movements. Gross but in fact a good sign that this product truly does what it says – cleanse your colon.

Day 15 – After 15 days on the product I noticed meaningful improvement in the way I felt and looked. I lost a total of about 7-8 lbs (much of it water weight and compacted bowl), which is a safe amount of weight loss. Any more and I would be doing harm to my body.


Dr Floras has every product you will need to maximize your colon cleanse from the very start. I have had a rewarding and healthy experience using them like so many other people and would recommend them to anyone.

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