Dream signs – The Sea and Craziness

Dream signs – The Sea and Craziness

According to the method of dream interpretation by Carl Jung and continued by me, the human being can fight depression, craziness (neurosis, hysteria, psychosis, and schizophrenia) and suicidal thoughts with safety and accuracyn. This method is exactly the miracle required by humanity!

Everything depends on craziness prevention. By preventing craziness, we can prevent depression and suicidal thoughts. We can cure depression, neurosis and hysteria by dream interpretation, but psychotics and schizophrenic patients are not able to follow the psychotherapy alone. They need someone to encourage them to continue, because their psychotherapy takes time.

Fortunately, the psychotherapy of depressed, neurotic and hysterical patients is easy and fleeting. The duration of basic psychotherapy is 6 months for regular situations. For serious psychic problems, this can take up to 8 months, but this time is nothing compared to the eternal psychotherapy that many patients have to persevere for life because they are always dependent of psychotherapy, usually in a group.

Dream interpretation will help everyone develop his or her intelligence.

Everyone’s intelligence requires development because the biggest part of the human psychic sphere is ridiculous, violent and evil. This is the early, wild conscience that is nevertheless alive inside everyone and keeps trying to control their behaviour. Only by developing our intelligence, we can transform this wild and violent part into a human part of our conscience.

Keeping in mind the facts I mentioned, you can now understand the meaning of the sea in your dreams.

In dreams, the sea represents the unknown vicinity of your psychic sphere, where many dangers stay hidden. In the sea, one finds sharks and many other monsters… First of all, the sea is an ecosystem dangerous for the human being because one cannot breathe under water.

The sea represents the psychic sphere, where you have the wild conscience, which is worse than sharks and can easily destroy your human conscience by craziness.

I have already given basic lessons of craziness prevention by many of my articles because craziness is in fact the human being’s worst enemy.

Depression starts appearing in someone’s behaviour to alarm the person and show that they must do something; otherwise, they will be dominated by craziness. If the depression persists, it frequently leads to craziness.

I dared to continue Jung’s research and discovered the wild anti-conscience that tries to regularly destroy the human conscience, so that you could safely travel within yourself and discover how to transform the neglected and dangerous sea you have within into a safe place, where only balance and wisdom can exist.

Your human conscience is sublime like the Earth’s surface, while your psychic sphere, where the wild conscience lies hidden, is as great as the ocean! The analogy is represented in our planet. Water predominates on Earth, exactly like craziness predominates in the human psychic sphere.

When you see a dream where you are near the sea or swimming in the sea, it method that you are near the dangerous and ridiculous content of your psychic sphere that provokes craziness to your human side.

You must be careful.

My basic lessons of craziness prevention are given below:

1. Be loyal to your moral principals, and always respect others if you wish to be balanced and stay far from several dangers.

For more information about this matter you can read the article “Crazy Behaviour and Basic Craziness Prevention” in my article collection.

2. Forgive your enemies. Have pity on your enemies because they were dominated by their wild sides when they hurt you-never think about revenge.

3. Be resistant to any kind of crazy thoughts or feelings. Remember, there is always a wild and violent conscience trying to influence your decisions and push you towards craziness. Don’t accept to do crazy things.

4. Don’t underestimate the danger of craziness, because it is real. Never think that something ridiculous “doesn’t matter.” If you perceive signs of absurdity in your behaviour, closest seek psychotherapy.

Dream interpretation is the safest method to cure you and the only one that can guarantee help. The more you care for your dreams, the more you’ll be helped. If you care a little, you will be helped a little. However, you’ll definitely find help. You won’t waste your time and you surely won’t be disappointed.

If you continue interpreting your dreams for more than a year, you’ll become a genius because your intelligence will be developed the most.

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