Drug Rehab In Scotland Braces For Crystal Meth Abusers

Drug Rehab In Scotland Braces For Crystal Meth Abusers

When we Americans think of Scotland, we picture men in kilts playing the bagpipes in quaint country villages, or perhaps the mysterious Loch Ness Monster. The reality of modern Scotland is much like ours – a population grown weary of extensive alcohol and drug abuse and drug-fueled crime in the streets. Now, for the first time in Scotland, police have seized a quantity of crystal meth, said to be the most addictive substance in the world. Officials are hoping to avoid a crystal meth epidemic like those that have torn apart communities and families in the US, Australia, and parts of Europe, where it has killed or crippled tens of thousands of people and pushed drug detox and drug rehab facilities to their limits.

Despite reports of low-level use among hard-chief drug addicts, Scottish police had however to encounter the substance until this month. The recovery of a small amount of the drug by police in Lerwick, Shetland, has confirmed its arrival in the country. Fears that crystal meth might join the epidemic of dangerously strong home-grown cannabis and the growing population of crack cocaine abusers has officials very watchful.

Crystal meth, or “ice” as it’s called, is three times as addictive as cocaine. It is known to cause psychosis, a kind of “mind-scrambling” that leaves its victims unable to control themselves. Long-term abuse of crystal meth compromises the body’s immune system and sends the body into a weakening decline that can rule to death, or simply a vegetative state. To retrieve mental and physical health after consistent crystal meth abuse, a dedicated, specific drug detox and drug rehab program needs to include a carefully balanced and tailored diet in addition as expert counseling and long-term sustain.

Symptoms of crystal meth abuse can include impaired judgment, co-ordination and reflexes, heart palpitations, clouded vision, extended wakefulness, and damage to the brain, lungs and liver. Addicts become violent, depressed, self-destructive, and inclined to psychoses and hallucinations. The drug can also generate the sensation of ants or other insects crawling under the flesh, leading to compulsive scratching of sores. Outwardly, ice addicts suffer from harsh weight loss, excessive sweating and, due to intense cravings for sweet foods, abnormally rapid tooth loss, known as “meth mouth.”

It’s clear that drug detox and drug rehab cannot be started too soon in the case of crystal meth addictions. However, many crystal meth addicts can be rescued and brought back from the brink of self-destruction with the right kind of drug rehab program.

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