Free Internet sets: Save Money – Save Time – Be Entertained

Who isn’t skeptical these days? We’re bombarded with telemarketers, sketchy promotions, and mortgage brokers all wanting to dip into our wallets. Going online can be just as horrifying with internet offers promising free computers, and get high quick schemes. Buy into all this and you might be left with 15 credit cards, 6 mortgages, and a stolen identity.

The good news is the internet offers much more than just bait and switch scams. Honest people and websites presenting free offers are out there, it just takes some looking. Here are a few good, honest, authentic and free opportunities to get you started. Happy surfing! is the only free credit report site that is sponsored by the three nationwide credit reporting companies, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. Credit reporting companies sell your report to creditors, insurers, employers, and other businesses that use it to estimate your applications for credit, a mortgage, insurance, employment, or renting an apartment. It’s your credit so you have a right to know your score.

A disinctive pecking order has been produced that judges a person based on the turn up of their Myspace page or blog. gives users free layouts, scripts, graphics and tutorials to spruce up their page with out having to know how to decode the Matrix.

Ever feel like your opinion falls on deaf ears? E-Poll is a consumer research company. Not only do they want to hear what you have to say, but they pay you with gift cards to major retailers for taking online surveys. Sign up is easy. Survey invitations are sent to your email. Give your honest opinions, and earn gift cards. No strings attached.

It’s like YouTube for consumer products. Expo TV has thousands of consumer-generated product reviews, informative ‘how to buy’ videos and original content all obtainable in complete-motion video, all for free. The product reviews are from real people with no biased or secondary messages, just straight forward honest opinions.

already as email has become the principal from of messaging, sending a fax has been a cornerstone form to deliver documents and messages for over 30 years. Faxzero allows users to send a fax from their computer for free. All you need is an email address and internet access.

The method of communicating is changing dramatically with new emerging technologies. The Gizmo Project allows you to make phone calls whenever, wherever for free from your computer. There are no long distance fees and no minimum minute charges. The program uses your internet connection to connect to another computer and talk using your speakers and microphone. You do everything else from your computer; why not make phone calls too.

No, they don’t sell kayaks, but they can help you find the best deal on flights, hotels and rental cars. They are a travel search engine meaning you don’t have to scour dozens of travel sites to find the best deal. does it for you. Enjoy your trip!

Welcome to the death of terrestrial radio as we know it. is a free internet radio service where you create custom radio stations by artist, genre, style or era. You can also network with other users and see what they like. It’s a great way to discover new music.

It’s a to-do list on steroids. gives users a free online task management tool. Users can be reminded of responsibilities by email, moment message or already a text message. It’s worth a look and it may just help you get your disorganized life in order.

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