Get Rid of Silverfish Naturally and Organically

Get Rid of Silverfish Naturally and Organically

Silverfish, a small half inch long insect attracted to glues in the house like book bindings or wallpaper, can cause important damage just like ants and termites. A major concern for many people is getting products that get rid of silverfish but are safe for their pets and children to be around.

There are four shared solutions of killing, getting rid of, repelling, or exterminating silverfish that are safe and natural.

The first are citrus sprays. These are citrus smelling sprays specifically made to get rid of insects like silverfish who are repelled by the smell. Use it generously where you feel the infestation may occur in addition as along baseboards and the outside of the home. Do not use citrus smelling cleaning sprays as they are not organic and are not made to ward off silverfish. This is an organic pest control product.

A second technique are electronic methods like ultrasonic pest control. These are small devices that are plugged into electrical outlets that let out noises that make it uncomfortable for the insect to be in the area. Some are said to work well keeping pests away while others have complained that it does nothing if the house is completely infested.

Third, Diatomaceous Earth will kill silverfish in addition as other insects and already spiders. This white powder will essentially dehydrate the pests. You can sprinkle this around the home where the silverfish might be in addition as use it in your garden. This is definitely a method of exterminating as opposed to repelling the silverfish.

The last technique is the use of traps near the silverfish infestation. Dark areas of the home or wall voids is the best place to use these. These traps will also catch ants, aphids, and fleas in addition. clearly this is a safe non-chemical solution.

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