How Much Do Physician Assistants Make?

How Much Do Physician Assistants Make?

How much do PAs make? That is the question that students are likely asking themselves if they are seriously pondering a career as one. It turns out that being employed as a PA is truly more than just getting a good job in the healthcare field. It is also a job in the healthcare field that guarantees people a superior salary over other types of jobs in the healthcare field. The reason for this can be traced back to a number of reasons. For example, PAs take care of many of the same duties and responsibilities that regular doctors do. Because of this, they are continually in great need across many different healthcare facilities. A PA possesses specialized capabilities for which other healthcare workers simply have not been qualified or trained.

Students looking at entering this field must be mindful of the fact that the salary they are going to earn is not going to be the same everywhere. The salary will change based upon various factors. The factors that must be reviewed in terms of how much students can earn are really quite straightforward. What follows is an examination of what those who are considering a future as PAs can reasonably expect to make with this career decision. As students weigh both the pros and the cons of becoming one, they will increasingly find that the benefits of this occupation are not strictly limited to money.

Based upon additional factors that are going to be discussed in further detail below, how much a PA can earn is between $50,000 and $80,000 each year. There are, of course, going to be situations where one pulls in a little bit less or a little bit more than this range. However, this range is truly quite accurate based on the information from

Further Factors to Regard

Specialization – The greater the knowledge that is specialized that a one possesses, the greater the amount of money such a PA can ask for when being hired. An example of a specialization is specific knowhow in, say, the field of cancer. It is interesting to observe that at some higher levels of skill within this occupation, a physician assistant might already be able to literally write his own paycheck since organizations and corporations will be duking it out for his sets.

Geography – Those who work in areas that are rural are not going to be earning as much money as those who are employed in urban areas that have a higher cost of living. Students should always keep in their minds that geography will massively impact the size of their salary in this field. At the same time, they are warned against presuming that they will never get a high-paying job in a rural setting.

As is plain to see, there is a lot to think about when students think about how much they will pull in as PA. Some of the things that impact the earnings of a person in this occupation are geography, experience and specialization. To look at this in another perspective, though, already what would be considered the most “low-paying” job would nevertheless qualify as a pretty high salary by the definition of most people! Students should never lose sight of this either.


So the big question is how much do physician assistants make? Well, to answer that, we have to regard what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says on the subject. Based on May 2008 figures, a PA can earn an average yearly salary of $81,230. The average percentage of presently working PAs earns in the range of $68,210 to $97,070. Now, the lower 10 percent makes about $51,360, and the higher 10 percent might make up to about $110,240 each year.

The average yearly salaries of physician assistants employed at various establishments are as follows:

Hospitals: $84,550

Educational Institutions: $74,200

Government Offices: $78,200

Physician Offices and Clinics: $80,440

Outpatient Centers and Clinics: $84,390

How much do physician assistants make? Their earnings are also based upon the hours worked by the physician assistant. The American Academy of Physician Assistants in their 2008 Census Report found that physician assistants employed complete-time make $85,710 on a yearly basis. Physician assistants who work at an entry-level position make around $74,470.

Besides what they make, physician assistants have the right to receive payment for state licensing fees, specialized liability insurance, credential fees and registration fees with the DEA or the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The physician assistants who worked in a complete-time, clinical practice got an average income of $85,710. First-year graduates made an average, yearly income of $74,470. This information was gleaned from The American Academy of Physician Assistants’ 2008 Census Report. The years of experience, specialization, geography and practice setting are all contributing factors to income. Employers of physician assistants frequently pay for their credentialing fees, registration fees with the DEA, specialized liability insurance and state licensing fees.

Physician assistants can already leave credits that they can utilize for sickness recovery or for vacation. Some choose early retirement at age 50, but most will keep working until 65 so that they can get already more money as part of their benefits when they retire.

How much do physician assistants make? The above information answered this intriguing question and then some. Generally, physician assistants can expect to make between $50,000 and $80,000 per year, though this range is not set in stone. Based on factors like experience, geography and specialization, physician assistants can make a little bit more or a little bit less than the money in this range.

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