How to Learn Spanish – Your Options

How to Learn Spanish – Your Options

Learning a foreign language is becoming more and more important. Not only important but it is also a lot of fun and very valuable. In the United States and specifically in the west in states like Arizona it is almost a requirement for employment. There are so many options that you can choose from to learn Spanish and not all of them are very good. Below are some choices for Spanish classes in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Software – Software Spanish courses are cheap and functional and can help you to learn the basics but has basic limitations that will keep you from developing conversational fluency. Software courses are great fro memorizing vocabulary and getting some basics like greetings and pronunciation.

The limitations are that you cannot have an interactive conversation with nor can you ask for help. The biggest limitation though is a without of accountability. Not all but most people use it for a associate of days or weeks and then it ends up on the their shelves and looks pretty.

2. College classes – College classes are easily easy to reach at your local university or community college. There are usually several languages and classes to chose from. Unfortunately, academic Spanish courses are fundamentally flawed because they teach languages in reverse order and do not give students real life speaking experience.

You will probably be taught by a graduate student or a teacher who does not truly speak the language. In addition it will be in a class of 20-40 other students leaving you very little opportunity to have interaction with the teacher. How many of us or our friends have taken high school Spanish classes but can’t speak a single information?

3. Conversational Courses – A conversational course is designed to give you real life conversational fluency in Spanish as quickly as possible. Spanish conversational classes press learning in real life context, give students the most speaking opportunities possible, native speaking teachers and small classes.

Everyone who has learned a foreign language says that the best way is by hands on experience. Conversational Spanish classes are proven to have a high success rate of developing conversational fluency.

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