How to Open Your Third Eye

How to Open Your Third Eye

The third eye is one of the renowned chakras, commonly referred to as the mind center or the brow chakra. The third chakra is the most meaningful chakra as it’s the method to our inner vision and wisdom. Learning and trying to figure out how to open your third eye can be frustrating, particularly because our sense of personal self and our ego block us from achieving this. Many of us read about the third eye chakra, but not all with the third eye knowledge are able to open the third eye. Opening your third eye is not as complicated as you think, nor is it for specific blessed people. On the contrary, it’s for regular individuals who are longing to communicate with their inner selves.

So, how do you open the third eye chakra? The contents about the third eye can be confusing, especially if you follow the misleading advice of non professionals. There are some laid out steps to follow if you desire to open your third eye. Interestingly, these steps don’t include painful yoga lessons or extremely long meditation sessions. While the above exercises might truly help you open your third eye, they are not the best. The best technique to open your third eye is the Aum Mantra meditation, which surprisingly enough, utilizes chanting to open the third eye. The third eye’s seed sound in “Aum” and this technique uses this seed sound to open your third eye.

How is the Aum meditation undertaken? First and foremost, pinpoint a comfortable area on the floor or on a chair where you can sit up straight. Thereafter, you can close your eyes tight, concentrate and start chanting out loud the third eye’s mantra “Aum”. This mantra is best said by starting with a considerably long sound of “ooooooo”, which is followed promptly with a shorter mantra of “mm”. Chanting alone won’t open the third eye. You need to keep uttermost attention on the center of your forehead, which is ultimately the location of the third eye, while chanting “Aum”. Focusing and paying uttermost attention to the third eye will appreciably increase the effectiveness of this meditation, enabling the stimulation and opening of your third eye.

Like other third eye opening techniques, this technique is time tested. By succumbing to existence and persistent practice of this technique, you create a greater awareness of the third eye. With concrete practice over a substantial period of time, you will open your third eye with incredible ease. If you have persistently tried other third eye opening techniques with no success, then this technique will open your third eye. However, you have to remember that opening the third eye is all about paying uttermost attention and focusing on the third eye. If you perform the Aum meditation without uttermost focus, then opening the third eye will be the mystery it has always been. consequently, relax, pay uncompromising attention, chant the Aum meditation loudly, and hooray! You will have unfolded the mystery of opening the third eye.

There are different methods of obtaining insight into your third eye. A gifted psychic reader can help in identifying imbalance within the spiritual anatomy in addition as make appropriate suggestions regarding supplies of problems, changes that may need to be made or offer sets to assist you in obtaining and maintaining.

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