Is Bankruptcy a Debt Solution?

Is Bankruptcy a Debt Solution?

Bankruptcy seems rather an uncommon listing in the catalogue of debt solutions. In truth many are of the belief that bankruptcy should not already be considered, unless all options have been meticulously well thought-out. Well, this may well be true, because bankruptcy is a double edged sword with its own proportion of unhealthy features to match, however there are situations when no other options could meet your requirements as a possible debt solution.

The Legal Interpretation of Bankruptcy

“Bankruptcy, as per UK legal regulations, relates to a situation, wherein the debtor is declared wholly unable to repay the amount owed and consequently freed from any associated obligations to clear the noticeable amount. Post declaration of bankruptcy, the lender’s right to need un-cleared funds ceases to exist. It is a completely law governed procedure; bankruptcy provides a debt solution by way of making a borrower’s financial crisis or rather economic failure public. Public declaration of the bankruptcy position is recorded on the bankrupt individual’s credit file for a period for years (see enterprise act for updates) and thereafter also, is removed only post an official request of the same. The stated records imply a bad credit rating in times to come and consequently the obvious worsened credit terms. But despite the stated, with bankruptcy, the seemingly impossible debt solutions are figured out”.

Types of Bankruptcy

There is not just one standard credit policy for all borrowers and there cannot be one standard bankruptcy position for all insolvents. Bankruptcy law in the UK classifies bankrupt applicants into different categories, depending on their individual situation, past record, expected supplies of income for example. These categories could be one where the debtor gives character over a particular limit, as decided during the legal procedure, to be sold or there could be situations where the court dictates that a stipulated sum is to be paid monthly as an attachment of earnings i.e. directly from a salary package.

Bankruptcy Has a Cost

While researching for solutions to debt by bankruptcy, you may be required to use additional funds. There are administrative costs such as court fees, place fees, etc., which need to be submitted in order to begin the procedure for the filling of bankruptcy.

Few things to be considered:

  • Bankruptcy is undoubtedly not an easy debt solution. This could be viable when no other options such as debt consolidation or management, second mortgage loans or short term credit plans, seem to work.

    The undesired stress in such other options might excursion a conclusion to this direction.

  • Before deciding and moving on with the legalities involved, just remember that already with bankruptcy, the borrower may not be allowed to retain the collateral owed to a creditor. additionally, other debt issues such as payments towards child sustain, etc., might continue.

If no other debt solution is helping deal with large dimensions of debt, bankruptcy might be give respite from constant financial crisis related stress and harassment.

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