Lawn Maintenance Equipment – 8 Top Choices To Keep Your Lawn In Shape

Lawn Maintenance Equipment – 8 Top Choices To Keep Your Lawn In Shape

Keeping your lawn in good shape requires a good set of lawn maintenance equipment. Here is a list of 8 items that you need to keep your lawn healthy and looking good!

1. Lawn Mower

This is the most shared lawn care equipment item today. Mower options fall into two large categories, manual or self propelled. Manual mowers include old fashioned rotary push mowers in addition as electric or gas powered mowers. Riding lawn mowers are the top of the range of self propelled mowers, with other models including standing platforms for operators. The meaningful to focus on is how much lawn needs mowing, and how much time you want to devote to this task.

2. Irrigation Equipment (in-ground, hoses and sprinklers)

Yards thrive on water, so you want to find the best option for providing the right amount of water to keep a healthy lawn. An in-ground system provides complete coverage with controls to spread the watering over time. A lower cost option to get started with is lawn sprinklers connected to garden hoses from outdoor faucets. The drawback of lawn sprinklers is that they need to be moved prior to mowing.

3. Trimmer/Blower

Portable trimmers and blowers are a great addition to your lawn care toolset. Trimmers are great for keeping your shrubbery and hedges looking good. Once you have finished your trim job, you can use the blower to collect up the shrubbery trimmings for bagging and disposal.

4. Edger

An edger gives you a great way to keep your sidewalks and curbs looking great. There are plenty of electric and gas powered models to choose from. You can vary the angle of the cut to fit the kind of grass in your lawn. With regular use, an edger will keep weeds and other unwanted lawn growth under control, consequently giving your yard a crisp, well trimmed turn up!

5. Tiller

A tiller is a great tool for preparing a new lawn, flower beds, or other areas where you are beginning a planting project. By breaking up the soil, you provide pathways for water and air to reach into the soil. This will promote the new growth you are seeking in your planting efforts. It also breaks up weeds and other unwanted plants by exposing the roots to air and draining away water. Gas powered tillers are the most effective in preparing large areas of soil for new planting.

6. Rakes/Shovels

Rakes give you the ability to collect up lawn trash, clippings and leaves quickly and easily. Once you have your piles raked up, you can bag them for your trash pickup, or bring them to a compost pile.

Shovels have been used for a variety of lawn maintenance responsibilities. From soil preparation, tree planting or trench digging to permit adequate drainage, a shovel gives you a lot of flexibility to deal with any lawn preparation task.

7. Fertilizer spreader

Fertilizer can be a great aid to keeping your lawn in good shape. It makes a huge difference when the quality of the soil is poor. There are hand operated spreaders that scatter the fertilizer with a hand crank. Drop spreaders are two-wheeled devices that allow a small stream of fertilizer to drop on the lawn as you move across the lawn. Pick the style that best suits your needs.

8. Aerator

Using an aerator breaks by a thick thatch to allow water and air to penetrate down to the roots of your grass. This will promote better root health and permit your lawn to better resist disease and pests.

There you have it, a suite of lawn maintenance equipment that will help you keep your lawn in great shape. Head on down to the hardware store today and pick up a few of these items today!

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