LCD Screens For BPO and ITES Companies – What to Consider When Purchasing These LCD Screens?

LCD Screens For BPO and ITES Companies – What to Consider When Purchasing These LCD Screens?

Business course of action Outsourcing (“BPO”) and Information Technology Enabled sets (“ITES”) companies are using LCD screens to enhance productivity, quality of service and the “look and feel” of their operations.

For example, many LCD monitors have been sold to BPO companies such as ICICI Bank’s Hyderabad call centre, EXL Service, and WNS India. These LCD screens are being used for displaying incoming calls to be addressed, call centre performance as a feedback loop for individual call centre executives, training information and local customer market information, among other usage. Since LCD monitors (or LCD Information Displays as they are called) are sleek and occupy less space than traditional solutions like Video Cubes, and with real estate space in a call centre or network operation centre being a premium, LCD monitors are an ideal fit for the BPO and ITES industries. LCD monitors also consume ~50% less strength, release little heat or radiation compared to PDPs. For large screen sizes, LCD displays provide better image and sound quality compared to all other traditional characterize technologies.

Below please find an examination of what BPO and ITES Companies are considering when purchasing these LCD screens.

What to Consider When Purchasing these LCD Screens for BPO and ITES Companies?

Price: Price is always a vital factor for making a buy decision however BPO and ITES companies are increasingly using a high quality LCD monitors vs. LCD TVs based on the Total Cost of Ownership. already though LCD TVs are cheaper, their life span can be shorter, especially if operated for extended number of hours in a day. LCD monitors are meant for 24×7 operations and are tough devices with longer life and lower total cost of ownership.

tough Devices with Extended Operations Capability: LCD Information Displays are made for 24×7 operations while LCD TVs are made for limited viewing. LCD Information Displays are fan-less closed box units and hence it is harder for dust and other contaminants to penetrate the box. LCD TVs have fans and are not closed devices. For BPO and ITES Companies where failure of a screen can create major problem or loss of business, it’s not advisable to risk using LCD TVs.

Network Capability: Make sure that the LCD screen has RS-232 and LAN network connectivity, which allows far away monitoring of the various LCD screens. Alarms can be set incase an LCD screen is not working or if there is an imminent failure in the LCD Unit (eg. unit is overheating). strength and other controls can be observed remotely and devices and switched off or dimmed when not in operations to conserve energy and reduce electricity bills.

strength Consumption: LCD monitors consume less strength than any other characterize technologies. The electricity bill for a large BPO may run into several Crores Indian Rupees yearly. Shifting from less energy efficient displays to LCDs have shown savings of 20% or more on the total electricity bill for a NOC Room. Also, since LCD screens release less radiation than PDPs, BPOs prefer them to protect the health of their employees who need to use long hours in front of monitors.

Picture Quality: Most large LCDs are high definition. High definition LCDs provide better picture resolution, better contrast ratio, high brightness, high colour reproduction and faster response time resulting in better picture clarity. LCD screens cause less eye fatigue and hence it’s easy to work for long time. They release zero radiation, which will ensure lesser or no eyestrain already at times of continuous use and are not already affected by magnetic interference. Further, the non glare characterize of LCDs grants easy viewing in ambient light or where the background light is being reflected on the screen.

Learn about new features by checking out details obtainable at most LCD screen manufacturers websites. Sharp is the LCD information characterize industry leader and more details can be found at their site. Information can also be found at NEC and Sony sites. You should also read other related articles to make the right decision for your LCD buy!

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