Magnify Your (Employee’s) Strengths to excursion Leadership Success

Magnify Your (Employee’s) Strengths to excursion Leadership Success

Magnifying your excellence is just one of those expressions that sticks

Being exceptional as a leader and leveraging your strengths helps you excursion success not just for yourself but for your complete organization in addition. Does your organization have exceptional leaders? Maybe you are one.

Working on your strengths is where you need to focus your efforts. Trying to fix your weaknesses, may be a lifelong career in itself.

estimate Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Look carefully at both your strengths and weaknesses. Remember, some of your weaknesses just might really be a strength you do not use much of. Take notice of what may be holding you back from reaching your goals. Sometimes these same holds may be a habit you need to break and replace with a more positive way of doing things. This also takes place with your attitude in addition. Attitudes can have a powerful impact on other people you do business with- internally and externally.

Fix Your Existing People and Processes

Be aware of what may be stopping you from moving forward to reach your goals, such as higher productivity/performance. Look at how your people are working. Do they need training in developing a new skill or in learning new techniques to meet up-to-date goals in order to be aligned with where your leadership wants to take the organization?

estimate your current processes. Are they aligned with your people and the goals you want to complete? Do your processes need to be over-hauled, in order to be up-to-date to go beyond where you are right now? What can you keep and what needs to be replaced?

already though leadership has changed over the years, many organizations have kept the “old” policies and ways of doing things. It just might be time to change whether from one traditional way over another, or to become non-traditional. In changing to become non-traditional, be willing to let go of the “old” and look at alternatives to go beyond survival mode into thrive mode.

Being Open-Minded

Be able to listen to others and do not react closest to what they say. Think first before speaking helps you think of a solution or of how you want to manager what was said to you. You may already find yourself implementing a suggestion an employee talks with you about. If so, give recognition to the employee.

Proactive versus Reactive

The exceptional leader is always thinking three steps ahead. When a situation occurs, do you react to the situation closest? Some people panic because they really do not know how to manager situations. During a crisis, many people either freeze or act positively in reducing the problem, difficulty or challenge.

Empower Your Employees

Give some responsibilities to your employees. Allows employees to make some decisions where they also need to solve an issue with other co-workers. Your employees will be satisfied in their job as you allow them to use more of their creative and inventive skills while using their basic thinking skills at the same time.

The question of this post is: How exceptional are you and how are you leveraging your skills and talents and those of your employees to create and produce extraordinary results? (When you magnify your leadership competencies to the level of exceptional, employee engagement increases, productivity rises, and profitability soars.)

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