Network Marketing Secrets To Recruiting 3X More People

Network Marketing Secrets To Recruiting 3X More People

Are you tired of bugging your friends & family to join your HOT network marketing opportunity? I don’t care if it’s MLM, direct sales, or anything that sounds remotely similar.

I bet you’re like I once was. You have no idea what to do, or how to market. You see all these websites promising they’ll deliver tons of “hits” or “visitors” to your site that will all buy. You know it’s fake, you know it’s all a scam, and you’re left wondering how the heck are you going to recruit anyone into your business, right?

Then there’s classified advertising or offline advertising, but that takes too long. You put up an ad (that you have to pay for today), then you have to wait for the publication print. Then it has to go into circulation and before you know it, it could take a associate of weeks before any leads start coming in… and worse, you’re not closing any of them and you’re back to square 1.

I’ll tell you how to do it. You need to cast a wide net and you send out a voice broadcast them. Here’s 3 things on how to do it…

#1: Create a short 20-30 second snippet about why your offer or opportunity so good on your outgoing broadcast and prompt them to press 1.

#2: Once they press 1, they are connected to a voicemail that explains more about your product or opportunity (observe, this works well already if it’s not network marketing). Either point them to your website or request they leave their information so you can call them back.

#3: Call them back and answer their questions, or send them to a website (or mail them something in the mail) that answers their questions. You can invite them to a conference call, or a webinar that tells them more about the product or opportunity. This is how most big players do it.

Next thing you might be thinking is where are you going to get your leads… I recommend either purchasing or acquiring current, active network marketers, as they are more likely to buy or sign up to in any case it is you are offering.

Do what I recommend above and you’ll have more leads than you can manager. You just need to find a substantial voice broadcasting solution with a good plan to follow and you’ll be well on your way to network marketing success!

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