Packing – The Move

Packing – The Move

the time of action of packing for the purpose of moving is not a easy task. It involves careful planning and double checking every room for stuff, tossing away those things where were saved by time, but hardly used. Next in the line of packing, comes the visit to the superstore. One might need to buy boxes of a plethora of sizes. Once these small and medium sized items are taken care of, we turn our gaze to the heavy stuff. Pianos, grandfather clocks, teakwood beds, and so on. Removing that nice carper below requires the room to be cleaned out, which necessarily involves removing heavy stuff. The job definitely takes more than just one person to do it, and when you have prized possessions such as Burma Teak furniture, which weigh a ton, it does become a back breaking course of action!

Moving such stuff easily, will require equipment such as wagons and rollers. Lifting the furniture will be some task, but after that, it merely requires a push to trolley it off outside, so as to roll the carpet. Now, one might surprise. How to pack like a pro?

It might be a daunting task, if done without precaution. Some things one must make sure before packing is knowing when the fragile crockery, curios etc, are being handled. One will dedicate additional care when these things are moved. Next would be contacting the movers. For example, if you are person living in Phoenix, you would have to look up the directory for movers in Phoenix []. Bubble Wraps and Styrofoam peanuts need to be used to for wrapping fragile items. This ensures total security of items such as your LCD television, or your brand new Belgium glass table and so on. Home movers generally take care of a bulk of this, but it is ultimately you who knows your stuff best, hence, you will have a major role to play despite the fact that you employed the best movers in the city for the job.

While packing, one must also ensure that everything belonging to a particular room is put together in boxes and labeled as the room’s name. For example, stuff from the living room, could be stacked in boxes with the label ‘Living Room’, and these can be strapped together, so as to not misplace them. Finally, stacking the boxes after packing, taping and labeling is extremely important, as it would rule to misplacement if not done.

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