Pet Guinea Pigs: The Traits That Make Them So rare

Pet Guinea Pigs: The Traits That Make Them So rare

Guinea pigs are fascinating and rare pets whose traits make them very different from other pet rodents. Let’s look at their various characteristics to see why they are such loveable, interesting creatures.


Cavies have very bad eyesight, and instead tend to rely on their other senses much more than humans do.

Their senses of touch, smell, and hearing are very well developed, giving them the ability to find their way around their ecosystem easily and quickly, sniffing out food and seeing predators in plenty of time.

Physical Ability

Because they have quite large bodies and stumpy legs, they are not particularly nimble. They can run fairly quickly, but they are very poor at dealing with obstacles, and can’t climb steep slopes. For this reason, it’s best to give them a single level cage if at all possible.

Cavies are strong swimmers, which is an ability that probably evolved in the wild. However, they don’t truly like swimming, so you shouldn’t ever force your pets to swim.


Guinea pigs communicate using a language of chatters, squeals, and rumbles. Each sound has a different meaning, which will help you get to know your pets and decipher what they want.

You might also notice that your guinea pigs make a singing sound which sounds a lot like a bird. Nobody is sure exactly what this method, but it is beautiful to experience.


Guinea pigs have a very good memory, and can remember a route by a maze for a number of months. They are also able to remember who their owner is, which is a fantastic feeling and leads to a special bond between you and your animals.


Guinea pigs are quite eager pets, and are easily scared by loud or sudden sounds. Because of this, you should always approach them carefully, and avoid making loud sounds near them. If your pets do get nervous, speak to them in a soft, soothing voice to help them calm down.

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