Preventing Fire Drills With a Marketing Plan

Preventing Fire Drills With a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan lays out the marketing activities necessary to reach your goals over a certain time period, usually a year. A short-term time investment in creating a marketing plan produces long-term time savings. In particular, a marketing plan prevents fire drills.

The marketing planning course of action is generally led by the marketing or business manager. They sift by marketing tactics with members of other departments such as sales, customer service and product development. A team consensus builds around tactics that most effectively meet strategic marketing goals and fit within budget parameters. This becomes the marketing plan.

Throughout the year, however, marketing ideas inevitably come are conceived by sales people, customer service, top management and other departments. Without a plan, these ideas easily become the latest fire drill. If, however, you’ve already evaluated your marketing options, you’ll be less likely to be distracted by new suggestions.

For example, a sales person for The Simple Phone Company indicates advertising phones in a new business magazine that his distributors tell him is working well for competitors’ phones. Because The Simple Phone Company has a plan, they know their focus is on older consumers, not businesses. While an advertisement in a business magazine might work for competitors, it does not help The Simple Phone Company meet their strategic goals. It is easy for Mary, the Marketing Manager, to decide not to advertise and move on.

While unanticipated market changes occur that can necessitate tweaking your plan, if you’ve done your planning right, these occurrences are scarce. Most likely when presented with a fresh idea, you don’t need to change course. You can quickly estimate a novel concept versus existing plans. If it’s no more effective in achieving your goals, you can stay focused and avoid the latest fire drill.

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