Quick Money Making Ideas That Are Legit


It’s like searching for the holy grail when looking for quick money making ideas. This article will discuss various money making ideas from home. All you require is laptop, camera and broadband connection. Before the arrival of the internet a lot of the following were not possible. The possibilities and opportunities are endless as a consequence of the world wide web.

I have been online for few years now and have bought lot of rubbish that claim to make you money overnight, if you see any products with such claims like that, based on my experience I would run mile from it. Listed below are what I have found to be legit.

3 Quick Money Making Ideas

1. Start Up Your Own Blog
Pick niche that you are interested in and blog about it. There are free blogging platforms like WordPress.com, Blogger etc. I have decided to great number my own blog with HostGator to do this I went with WordPress.org. When you great number your own blog you have more control over it as the free ones can take down your blog if it doesn’t meet their TOS.

The blog can be monetised by placing Google AdSense, affiliate links or banners on it, so that every time visitor either clicks an AdSense ad or an affiliate link and buys by it you will get as commission.

2. Selling by Online Auctions.
Instead of doing a car boot, you can sell all your unwanted items on auction sites like eBay. Once all you items are sold, you can buy items from a wholesaler and sell them on eBay, the different between the wholesale prices and the retail is the profit, this is your income. A friend of mine sells Christmas decorations all year round on eBay.

You can also dropship by auction sites, the buyer always thinks that the items are coming from you and not the dropshipper, its similar to wholesaling, the big difference is that you keep up no stock with dropshipping.

3. Freelance Work Online.
If you have any talents that can be done online for example article writing, web design, accounting, programming, well you can advertise you talents on sites like Fivver, Elance etc. All these site are advertising online work all the time, you can place a bid for work and if it is competitive enough you my get work out of it, if you build a good reputation then people will come to you.

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