Recognize Kids’ Performance by CORs

Recognize Kids’ Performance by CORs

Recognizing effort, no matter how small or what, nevertheless the feeling of the recipient of such could be ecstatic. Yes, who does not want to receive any, right?

During After-a-month Recognition Day, I always make it a point that every effort must be given recognition, either by a contest or by teacher’s discretion. Learning meaningful development of those who are exerting effort to have an improvement in reading, spelling, etc. should be given recognition. CORs are great way toward this purpose, seeing the great feeling it could give to the recipient is likewise a great feeling to the giver of such.

Teachers are great motivators of learning. Aside from giving their learners the much-needed raise to learning, they are also great supporter of their talents and all. Yes, not just the lessons must be given attention, but also the rare abilities of each learner which could be blossoming. Yes, nipping the bud for a unexpected writer who is always writing on the wall, a painter who always put ink on paper, say blotting out cheap pen and talkative one who is a possible talk-show great number and so on. These learners who can’t help but show their rare talents must be given right recognition by letting them express those, sans getting mad at them and letting them suppressed such. Have you not observed when kids aging 3 to 5 they are active, talkative and inquisitive… when they reach the age of 7 to 10 they tend to become quit, reserved and all. What happened? Schools have this nipping the bud habit–indirectly making their learners become timid, indifferent and so on. Yes, they were creative when they go into the classroom, then suddenly became indifferent toward expressing themselves when they get out of the room. What happened teachers? What did you do with these learners? Suppressing one’s talent is not good. It could be a way to losing a genius, a great artist, a scientist and so on. Let them be. Provide them the necessary ecosystem for their growth and development. So what if they were too noisy, restless and inquisitive? They are not robots, they are humans like you. They are thinking small people. Purely imaginative. Well, this is how the unmaking of a genius is, their chance to be one has come so please don’t be killjoy. Be a supporter, instead. Oh, I digress.

Angels, in my class have a chance to get CORs every month provided they have convinced me and their classmates or should I say co-online learners, for we have blended learning mode where aside from modular instruction, we have Google meet, Google classroom and Google chat to boot. These blended mode is kinda straddling method between traditional to modern way of learning. Yes, printed modules are being used for those who could not attend online class due to low internet connection, load problem, among other challenges learners are facing today.

With this at hand, recognizing efforts of kids and parents alike is a must so as to give them a feeling that their efforts are being recognized, for them to do more, be more.

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