Satya Paul – History About a Big Indian Designer

Satya Paul – History About a Big Indian Designer

The designer behind the global brand Satya Paul was originally born in Leigha, Pakistan and came to India during the division of the country. Satya Paul is one of the pioneering designers in the global fact industry who established the designer brand with the same name in 1985. He was especially renowned for working with weavers in their own villages turning their craftsmanship into designer products.

Launched in 1985 Satya Paul is one the premier designer brands in India with an international presence. The label is famous for ingeniousness in design and a lively colour range, known for sensual womanly pieces, identifying characteristics prints and ageless style. The brand has developed over years to a globally famous Indian fact label, present across 27 locations in India and chosen high street boutiques oversea. The evolution of the brand to an international fact label is mostly based on the fact, that Satya Paul has always replied proactively to their complete ecosystem.

The carefully crafted collections are always centered around a theme of what is trendy and fact forward, being totally up to date with the current season’s styles and trends. Every garment produced by the Indian designer team mirrors capricious, vital colours, distinctive patterns and outlines and grand creativity.

The variety of the Satya Paul womenswear is fabulous, including gorgeous Indian couture, trendy ready to use clothing, beautiful Indian sarees and a big varied of Indian fact accessories like clutches, scarves and handbags. The Menswear of the label especially concentrates on trendy and new age accessories for business and casual occasions. The offers for men range from cufflinks and belts to wallets and ties.

Besides menswear and womenswear, the Indian designer label creates beautiful Indian bridal collections including sarees and lehengas in vivid colours, gorgeous embroidery and complex patterns. Each garment emanates amazing beauty, elegance and resplendence in every way, what fulfils every imagination of a woman about her own bridal use.

The Satya Paul identifying characteristics Series embodies the conception of discreet luxury with every piece produced using wonderful prints, embellishments sensual fiber and materials and flawless craftsmanship. Each garment in the identifying characteristics store is given unrepeated attention and thoughtfulness. Furthermore the store is hosting an exclusive and limited edition of Satya Paul designs incorporating customized sets for every customers convenience. The first Satya Paul identifying characteristics store was inaugurated at DLF Emporio Mall in New Delhi. The spread line “Satya” displays the most exquisite designs in terms of prints. The line concentrates on chosen design sensibilities and affordability to be aimed at the saree market.

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