Some Tips For Developing Your Psychic Ability to Do Mental Telepathy

Telepathy is the “holy grail” of psychic powers, the ability to read the intentions of others and the ability to use telepathic mind control to influence the thoughts, emotions, and actions of others. And you can begin developing this psychic ability.

Telepathy is not just for the “gifted” person or the “exceptional person.” We all have the basic sensing apparatus and are already “hard wired” to be able to learn how to do telepathy. Most just aren’t aware of it in addition. And awareness is one of the most important psychic abilities to develop. Once you begin to develop your psychic awareness, you’ll start to notice the subtle telepathic signals that you’re sending out all the time and that others are also sending.

See, most of the time when we do telepathy, we don’t want the other person to already know about it. We want it to seem like a nice coincidence that they “accidentally” thought about doing the same thing we wanted them to do. So while you might want to also have the ability to telepathically tell your meaningful other to please pick up a loaf of bread on the way home, really it’s much easier to just send them a text message – especially if they are stressed or busy with some other activity. Telepathy and telepathic communication over a distance might take some time for the person’s awareness to kick in and for them to become conscious of the “urge” to do what you want them to do.

So if you send a telepathic message to that friend you haven’t heard from in awhile to call you or email you, realize that if they’re busy it might take time for them to become aware of the mental impression from your telepathic message and then they also need to feel strongly about it so that they take action on what it is you want them to do. We all have thoughts bombarding us all day long, and most of those thoughts and impressions never get acted on. So you want to design your telepathic influence in such a way that they feel the urge to take action. What kinds of thoughts and feelings motivate them?  What places and locations inside their energy field contain the types of thoughts where they think about something but don’t do anything about it?  And where are the locations inside their energy field for the types of thoughts and feelings they do take action on?

This is much more progressive use of telepathy than most tutorials and courses on telepathic mind control mention, but it is vitally important for success! Keep these things in mind as you study and practice to develop your psychic ability to do mental telapthy, and keep that in mind also when you go to buy a home study course on how to do telepathic mind control.And when you do, you’ll be light years ahead of the others out there who are struggling with learning how to do telepathy and don’t understand why sometimes they are successful and other times they can’t get any results.

Here’s a video clip you might enjoy also on the topic of how to learn to do telepathy:

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Jim Knippenberg

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