Some Tricks to Learn Mentalism Online

Mentalism is a rare field whereby people can be brought into false realities and illusions that they believe to be real. If you want to learn mentalism, then you can do so online.

Many famous psychological illusionists use mentalism as the central part of their acts, such as Derren Brown, Criss Angel and David Copperfield. These illusionists will use mentalism as a way of giving the illusion of mind reading, clairvoyance, psychic and other paranormal or supernatural abilities.

Mentalism, in the strictest sense, simply involves a person (be it in a 1-on-1 setting or in a crowd such as at an illusionist show) being asked to think of some object, or a number, or a belief or action of some form, whilst the mentalist will tell the person just exactly what the number, belief, action or object was.

Whilst this form of mentalism is popular in stage hypnosis shows, mentalism can also be applied discreetly by the use of fields such as cold reading, as commonly employed by psychics as a way to deceive people into believing something that isn’t real. A lot of these people will learn mentalism simply as a method to deceive others.

Many people will latch on to what these psychics and other scam artists tell them simply due to the fact the psychic is able to seemingly have some form of connection with the person, in some way, or is able to clarify a past or present experience of the person.

In reality, the reason this becomes possible, is because mentalists will simply use what a person says and pretend what they (the mentalist) came up with what was said. This is done by a course of action known as misdirection, which involves diverting a person’s attention away from the current conversation at hand.

By making someone believe in something, something that isn’t necessarily real, a person ends up vesting a lot of trust and authority in the mentalist, and the mentalist can use this trust and reality to create already deeper illusions, which the person would typically perceive to be unrealistic if it wasn’t for the mentalist’s past success.

In order to learn these mentalist techniques, a lot of training is clearly required, however the fields of cold reading, warm reading and hot reading are a good place to start as they will teach you how to make generalised statements that could apply to anyone, and how to make direct statements based upon your observations of a person.

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