Stage 4 Prognosis – Treatments For Survival

Stage 4 Prognosis – Treatments For Survival

Although traditional medicine offers a very bleak stage IV prognosis for cancer, many people have recovered their health, already at this progressive stage, using different and complementary approaches. In fact, thousands of cancer patients have lived many years and in some situations, decades, after being told by their doctors nothing more could be done for them, and to simply put their affairs in order.

Many natural treatments take a “whole body” approach to cancer and sustain the body’s immune system to retrieve. The measures are usually gentle on the body and non-toxic.

Not profitable for pharmaceutical companies, and not taught in medical schools, these natural treatments are not well known to traditional medicine. These institutions, who are the main investors in medical research, are also not keen to probe further without the possibility of patents and high profits.

This leaves the doctors and health practitioners who use non-mainstream therapies to quietly get on with the task of healing as many people as they can without large advertising budgets or government funding.

One such cancer survivor, was diagnosed in 2005 with Stage IV lung cancer with metastases to the liver and adrenal glands. Her oncologist’s prognosis was six to nine months without chemotherapy, and just a few additional months with it. ultimately already chemotherapy was not an option, and in desperation, she tried a natural treatment. Within a month, she started to regain strength and by three months, she had another PET examine. According to this cancer victor, “The nurse was so excited she had goose bumps as she said there is nothing on the liver and nothing on the adrenals and the place on the lung is only two centimeters in size where it had been three inches before.”

Another Stage IV victor, alive and well today, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1987 at age 24. After trying chemotherapy and other aggressive drugs, he was in great pain and discomfort. He went looking for an different and found a conventionally-training doctor who had successfully treated similar cancers with less traditional therapies. “Within weeks of beginning the treatment, my biochemical profile improved. My liver and kidney function progressed and I started to feel better.”

His advice to others? “Learn about all the different therapies. Read, analyze everything, keeping an open mind. Consult with doctors and interview patients, especially those whose histories are most like your own, because different therapies have better track records for different types of cancer…your treatment is a choice.”

Links to these two cancer victors and their treatment providers are among hundreds compiled in Natural Cancer Treatments That Work, patients can now find effective treatments quickly and easily, and contact others who have rescued their lives from cancer for first hand information, saving precious time.

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