Stem Cell Banking – A Life Saving Option

Research in any of the field have always taken us to the path of success and every time something new is encountered. Stem cell research is cutting edge technology and have also become a debatable topic, as stem cell therapy have won many laurels due to the fact that it has laid the path of healthy life. This therapy in India is slowly gaining popularity as people are becoming aware about its magical strength. There are many unknown advantages about the Stem cells, about which we are not aware. These cells are highly capable of regenerating the damaged tissues. These cells easily gel with other cells such as kidney cells, heart cells and liver cells in the sense that, these cells easily win over the other cells which are dead or are responsible for the disorder and consequently good health can be maintained. These cells can also be stored and its benefits can also be availed in the future and this can be done by stem cell banking. There are many companies which provide the sets of storing stem cells safely with proper medication. So this is the way to obtain the future. Stem cell banking in India can now be possible because of presence of many companies which provide these sets.

Mutlipotent cells which are present in the fetus in many adult tissues and umbilical cord blood can also be donated to the cord blood registry, which are capable of curing many life taking illness. The storage of cord blood can be done by Umbilical cord blood banking which avoid early minute rush as it makes very functional to match the requirements of the individuals. Cord banking allows the early treatments of the diseases like Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer etc.

Though there are many benefits of storing the cells but some of there are certain unavoidable disadvantages which have to be taken in to account. The storing of stem cells truly draw huge amount of money, but the sets can be availed from the companies that offer reduced rates. Though a only option in worst conditions but chances are scarce, as only some of them need it. The success rate is confined to the body weight of up to 115 pounds above this the chances are scarce. But the research and studies are being conducted to eliminate this limit.

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