Termites Can Now Be Killed Without Use of Tenting Or Poison Gas

Termites Can Now Be Killed Without Use of Tenting Or Poison Gas

A safe and sane proven microwave treatment device course of action is now obtainable worldwide. The piece of mind answer to harsh and lethal use of poison gas.

There is no longer any excuse for homeowners to pay for and allow the tenting and gas poisoning of their home just to kill a few termites. There is also no excuse or reason for homeowners and their families to put themselves at risk of pesticide poisoning or already death just to kill a few termites. What’s more important, you and your family’s life, health and future, or killing a few termites?

Spread the information that poison termite gas applied inside any human dwelling is no longer needed to control termites. When a termite company insists that poison gas is the only option obtainable to kill a termite colony then beware and prepare to shop in other places. If they convince you that you and your family will be safe and at no risk, then don’t forget to at the minimum ask them if any humans or pets have been killed by the poison gas they intend to use and if an antidote for the poison is obtainable should you or a family member become ill anytime after the treatment.

You will be surprised to find out that numerous human and animal deaths occur yearly from direct in addition as indirect exposure to all types of poison gas used in termite treatment. Additionally, there are no antidotes for these extremely hazardous poisons. They are so lethal that persons contracting to have their home treated, must first review and sign a detailed written legal disclaimer that discloses the high risk dangers of its use.

Those who seek termite treatment no longer need to run the risk of poisoning, death or health injuries associated with poison gas treatment. Microwave termite treatment is a safer way to kill termites without tenting a structure and filling it with poison lethal gas.

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