The Master Oil List- Artemis-Attar of Rose

Artemis: Dedicated to the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. Use this in any moon, fertility. Money drawing, or just any homage to the goddess.

Asafetida/Asafoetida: Used in rites of exorcism and banishment, particularly troublesome thought forms. Very good for unblocking the mind and energy centers.

Asciepius: A healing oil used for curing the sick. Dedicated to the Greek god of healing, use it to appeal for his help.

Astarte: A love and fertility oil. It is used in addition to draw money and wealth to business. Mix it with other oils for success rites.
If your wish is to conceive a child, anoint the inner thighs with it before love making to increase the chances.

Astral: Used in the following spheres of help with astral flying, and to find love anoint and use it as a scent for 7 days. It also may aid in wish magic of all types.

Astral Gold: For the use of finding and acquiring wealth and riches from the astral plane.
Anoint yourself and money to gain more of the same, use it around the house as a sprinkle to attract money to it, anoint the temples just before retiring at night to experience predictive dreams that may rule to hidden riches.

Astral Travel: Use to minimise the dangers whilst travelling astral, anoint the pulse or chakras with the oil (In particular the wrists and temples), then chant;

“Be with me on this journey,

Keep me safe and obtain,

Ease the passage there and back,

As I venture this astral tour.”

Astrological: This oil may be used by any astrological sign for help or success in any endeavour. Use this if you are unsure of your own sign.

As you please: A success and powerful oil. To make others more favourable towards you and your plans, anoint the fingertips, sides of feet and throat before presenting any plans and they shall be received better, or better nevertheless put some of it in the shoes or belongings of those you wish to control.

Atee: Use this oil if you need to cause pain and undue experiencing to someone, Throw on their character or, anoint a black candle and under it, write on parchment the name of the victim. Then burn to the end.
This oil is in dedication to the Greek goddess of strife and discord. Use in rites to her and other jinxes or hexes.

Athena: Use this when you need the intellect stimulated or for answers where there are none. Dedicated to Athena, goddess of knowledge and single combat, she will help the student study and prepare for any personal struggles we all may confront.

Attar of rose: A potent love oil, blows down barriers that stop intimacy, develops relationships and friendships, deepens emotions and enhances sexual performance.

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