The Value Of A New Home

The Value Of A New Home

Have you ever considered the relative value of new homes versus before existing ones?

Let’s look at some of the benefits of buying new:

– Less Maintenance – Newly built houses will have a pristine look and will require less cleaning and upkeep. Building materials will be fresher and more up-to-date. Roofing shingles will be new, often lasting decades.

– Codes – You can be certain that a new construction will be in compliance with current governmental codes. Asbestos and rule won’t be used in the building materials, and these houses are generally more energy efficient too.

– Location – If it suits your particular lifestyle, housing developments have the advantage of that “country” feel. Typically located outside the city limits, they’re nevertheless within easy driving distance of a bigger town or city. Having more land around your house for landscaping and family needs is a big plus in addition.

– Layout – Architecture has changed. Open floor plans are more popular than ever. This is a great layout for families and those who wish to entertain. Many desire a expansive kitchen for entertaining. Nowadays, the kitchen is the central location where everyone tends to meet. A newer home with custom-built rooms will allow you to meet the thriving demands of everyone in your household perfectly. Existing homes often have very small, cut-up rooms, which can tend to “close off” the members of the family instead of connect them.

– Landscaping – Many times, existing homes have older, overgrown shrubbery needing substitute. Families are busier, and they often don’t have time to care for an overgrown yard. This is where new homes truly shine! After your home is built, you can plant grass, a few shrubs or small trees and voila! You choose just how many or how few items you wish to tend.

– Fencing – New homes often have plenty of room for you to add a fence to a large back yard, allowing Fido all the room he would ever want or need.

– Amenities – Ah, these are the things that make life worth living. Room for a swimming pool, a whirlpool, sauna, skylights, a garden, or all of the fantastic kitchen appliances on the market today can be allotted in a newly built house. Many times, in an existing home, there just isn’t room for such amenities. You work hard, and you need some of life’s comforts. The good thing here is that if you choose to add any of these items to a new home, expenses will most likely be much lower when incorporated into your building plans.

– Garage – How many times have you overheard an existing home owner bemoan the fact they don’t have a garage? Yes, a garage is a must nowadays and will definitely increase the value of your home. Plus, many older homes that do have a small garage will often keep up only one car. With a newer house, you can build a 2- or 3-car garage if your heart desires.

What’s the bottom line? Your budget will most likely be your guide when you buy a home. There is great value in constructing a new house according to your own specifications. After all, getting what you want for your money is the name of the game, isn’t it?

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