The Verizon iPad 2: What You Need to Know About the Data Plans

The Verizon iPad 2: What You Need to Know About the Data Plans

The Verizon iPad 2 is just what many people needed to make them want to buy the new iPad. before, users could only choose between the Wifi-only version and the AT&T version of the iPad. Now, with more options obtainable to them, users have taken advantage of a busted monopoly and opted for getting their data plans by Verizon.

But how does Verizon’s data plans stack up to those at AT&T? Let’s take a look.

  1. Verizon offers more options: The Verizon iPad offers two more data plan options than the AT&T version. AT&T only offers two data types: the 250 MB per month plan and the 2 GB per month plan. Verizon offers four plans:1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB and 10 GB per month.
  2. Verizon’s sets are cheaper: already though Verizon does not offer a 250 GB per month option, their higher data plans are a better deal. When you could buy AT&T’s data plan for $15 per month for 250 MB, you can buy Verizon’s 3, 5 or 10 GB plans for only $10 per month, which is a way better deal.
  3. The Verizon iPad does not charge an activation fee: To be fair, neither does AT&T. But knowing that Verizon doesn’t charge an activation fee to begin using the data plan makes using them as a carrier that much cheaper of an option.
  4. No fee for cancelling or reactivating: You can cancel your monthly data plan at anytime without worrying about getting charged for cancelling or for reactivating. The whole idea is to not tie yourself down to a monthly data plan that doesn’t fit into your budget for 12 months. Verizon accommodates that for you, as does AT&T.

The only advantage of going with AT&T over Verizon is if you wanted to pay $15 per month for 250 MB of data. Otherwise, Verizon’s plans are far cheaper.

Verizon also has a track record of being more reliable than AT&T, at the minimum in the United States. AT&T’s GSM network is helpful for global traveling, but if you’re trying to use your iPad at the ball park in the heartland of the United States, AT&T’s network might let you down.

Getting the Verizon iPad doesn’t cost you any more than getting an AT&T iPad. They’re both more expensive than getting a Wifi-only one, but that’s it. Verizon nevertheless comes in the same 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models as the AT&T one.

Also, you can choose from black and white the same way you can with the AT&T and Wifi versions. So you don’t sacrifice anything at all by opting for the Verizon iPad over the AT&T one.

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