Top 20 Most Liked NBA Team Facebook Fan Pages

Top 20 Most Liked NBA Team Facebook Fan Pages

San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat and, to a lesser extent, Indiana Pacers have been by far the principal teams in their respective divisions, during the 2013-14 NBA season. The performance of a single season, however, does not cause any meaningful change in the huge fan-following that nearly each of the teams enjoy. The sheer popularity of the NBA teams’ fan pages on Facebook is a clear indication of their relative popularity. We will here order the teams according to the number of LIKES on their respective FB fan pages:

20. Memphis Grizzlies (Western Conference – Southwest; 1066404 likes)

Currently lying in the third position in their division, Grizzlies sneak into this list with a shade over 1 million Facebook likes. The strong showing of players like Marc Gasol and Mike Conley this season has been instrumental in pushing up the popularity of the team just that additional bit.

19. Detroit Pistons (Eastern Conference – Central; 1113930 likes)

Although the team is currently on a 4-match losing streak, fans are evidently backing the Pistons to the hilt. It remains to be seen whether Greg Monroe and his men can make the most of this loyal fan-base, and start showing some on-court magic!

18. Phoenix Suns (Western Conference – Pacific; 1450862 likes)

The popularity of Suns on FB is reflective of their on-field performance this season – good, without being anything special. The team would certainly like to move on from a slightly disappointing 2013/14, and put up a stronger show next time.

17. Portland Trailblazers (Western Conference – Northwest; 1462682 likes)

Less than 13000 Facebook likes separate the Trailblazers from the Phoenix Suns – that’s how close the popularity of some of the NBA teams are. The team currently trails Oklahoma City in its division, and would dearly like to make up lost ground. For a popular team like the Trailblazers, a single NBA crown is embarrassing!

16. Denver Nuggets (Western Conference – Northwest; 1618838 likes):

A 36-46 win-loss record is pretty bad, but that hasn’t affected the hype and hoopla around the Nuggets. For a team lying second-from-bottom in its division at present, over 1.6 million FB likes is an impressive return.

15. Cleveland Cavaliers (Eastern Conference – Central; 1633239 likes)

Only if Jarrett Jack and his mates had come up with a more consistent showing, the Cavaliers would not have been forced to sit content with a mid-table position. Fans are firmly behind the club, and it’s high time they got something to smile about.

14. Golden State Warriors (Western Conference – Pacific; 1899974 likes)

The Splash brothers have done a fine job of keeping the Warriors more than competitive (they are second-placed in their group this season) in recent times. The team bagged the NBA title for the second (and till date, last) time way back in 1975 – and they would be desperate to add more silverware to their kitty.

13. Brooklyn Nets (Eastern Conference – Atlantic; 1969789 likes)

The team of Jason Kidd falls, surprisingly, way short of breaking into the top-ten in this list. Nets has always been a feisty team, and already this time around – they are giving Toronto a mighty run for their money.

12. Indiana Pacers (Eastern Conference – Central; 2029811 likes)

The eight-time division winners are comfortably on top of the Central group this time round too. Be it at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse or on the online social media, this is one team that has never been lacking in sustain – from fans the worldover.

11. Houston Rockets (Western Conference – Southwest; 2196303 likes)

Their win-loss has been comparatively good this season, and that has given a spurt to their fan-count on Facebook too. Supporters would have loved to see the Dwight Howard-s and the Terrence Jones-s to bring the team a bit closer to San Antonio Spurs though.

10. Orlando Magic (Eastern Conference – Southeast; 2391586 likes)

Horrible on-field form despite, the fans of Orlando Magic are firmly by the team’s side. However, for a team that featured players-turned-celebs like Shaquille O’Neil, the without of trophies in recent times must surely hurt.

9. Los Angeles Clippers (Western Conference – Pacific; 2472078 likes)

Top of the division, but nevertheless far from breaking into the top-5 in this list. The club was established in 1970, and under present coach Doc Rivers, the team has dominated the Pacific division for two years on the trot. Now, that’s some red-hot form!

8. Dallas Mavericks (Western Conference – Southwest; 3472221 likes)

The 2011 Championship winners have failed to set courts alight with their performances this season. That, however, has had hardly any effect on the team’s fanbase on Facebook. The number of followers is almost up to 3.5 million!

7. San Antonio Spurs (Western Conference – Southwest; 3710340 likes)

Leader of the pack in the Southwest group, with more than a 3:1 win-loss. It’s hardly surprising that four-time championship owners have so many followers on Facebook. If anything, the total number of Spurs fans across the world is increasing every season.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder (Western Conference – Northwest; 4282042 likes)

Once again, they have topped their group, which have given their fans plenty to shout about. This year, the total number of division titles in the Thunder’s trophy room reached double figures, and supporters are surely hoping for many more to come.

5. New York Knicks (Eastern Conference – Atlantic; 5090937 likes)

In comparison to its own lofty standards, the NY Knicks have underperformed this year. Andrea Bargnani, Toure Murry and the others have the capacity to turn things around next season though. One thing’s for sure – encouragement from fans will be in plenty!

4. Boston Celtics (Eastern Conference – Atlantic; 8263059 likes)

We are into the top-4 now, and the Celtics take the fourth identify as far as Facebook popularity is concerned. Although this season’s performance has not been anything to write home about, the team certainly has the track-record (17 NBA titles – the last of them in 2008) to keep competitive every year.

3. Miami Heat (Eastern Conference – Southeast; 13206264 likes)

Rocking it on the field, and winning new fans off it – that’s what seems to be Miami Heat’s mantra this season. However, considering that Miami Heat has a large rule in its division this season, it would not have been surprising if Heat had managed to grab top honors on this list!

2. Chicago Bulls (Eastern Conference – Central; 14368870 likes)

Can Chicago Bulls catch up with the Indiana Pacers this time around? While chances for that remains slim, there’s no doubting the popularity of D.J. Augustin’s team. It comes in second in this list – with almost 14.5 million LIKES on Facebook.

1. Los Angeles Lakers (Western Conference – Pacific; 19984888 likes)

It’s top-of-the-pile time! Standing on the threshold of 20 million likes on Facebook, LA Lakers justifies its stature as one of the most followed teams in the league. There are already dedicated mobile apps of the team at the Play Store. On Facebook, the Lakers is the most ‘liked’ NBA team at present. The one thing that rankles? It is rooted to the bottom of its division this season!

Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat are the only three NBA teams which have managed to rake in 8-figure follower counts on their fan pages on Facebook. Interestingly, 4 out of the top 5 ‘most popular’ teams are from the Eastern Conference. There will surely be teams moving up and down the pecking order in this list over time – and other teams might make an entry too. for example, Minnesota Timberwolves is at 21st – and is not far away fro catching up with the Memphis Grizzlies.

What’s NBA without fan-mania, anyway?

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