Top 4 Challenges Brought About By Floods

Top 4 Challenges Brought About By Floods

What is flood insurance? It is a risk management tool obtainable to home owners and character owners to protect themselves in case a flood disaster happens and affect their character. Flood insurance is mostly purchased by individuals who have similarities in areas with higher risks of flooding.

However, individuals who have similarities in moderate to low risk areas are also advised to buy flood insurance to be on the safer side. This is because floods are a natural disaster that can happen anywhere and at any time. Floods can arise as a consequence of various situations e.g. during harsh rain storms, poor drainage systems, broken water mains and many more. Some of the challenges brought about by floods include:

· Water related communicable diseases

The flood calamity brings about water related and vector borne diseases such as bilharzia, cholera, diarrhoea, and hepatitis E, which can be very fatal to man. These diseases are brought about when sanitized water systems get polluted by breakage of sewer pumps and consequently water becomes unclean for drinking and home use as it can stimulate fears of water related diseases.

· Destruction of character and crops

Floods as a natural disaster also cause enormous destruction of character and crops. Home owners, character owners count many losses during such tragedies. Some Insurance companies advise their clients on the benefits of buying flood insurance which helps them rebuild their lives after the ordeal.

· Human and animal deaths

Floods also bring about loss of lives. Human beings and animals die as a consequence of this natural disaster. People that live along the lakes and rivers, people who live near the bottom of a hill or mountain are inclined to the risks of being affected by floods. In addition to that, animals are swept away and die in the time of action when this calamity arises.

· Damage of infrastructure

Electricity and road transport are also interfered with as a consequence of floods. Movement from one place to another is made almost impossible. Electricity is in turn cut off. The government has to come with measures or rather arrangements to cure this situation.

In conclusion, it is necessary to put in preventive measures especially if you live in flood inclined areas. It is better to be safe than sorry. You should buy yourself a flood insurance policy to ensure you are covered when such a situation occurs or move to an area that is less inclined to floods.

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