Torn Shoulder Injury – Can You Heal Without Surgery?

A torn shoulder injury is a serious injury, and unfortunately a very shared one, especially among athletically active people. Your doctor may recommend surgery, therapy, or a combination of both. It’s always a good idea to educate yourself on all your options. Let’s look at rotator cuff therapy as a possible different to surgery or other intrusive measures.

Keep in mind that healing by physical therapy is a gradual course of action. There is no overnight cure, so make sure that you keep patient and consistent with any rehabilitation program you may participate in.
I was able to heal my shoulder injury by therapy, but it took over 7 months of dedicated work on my part.

A rotator cuff rehab program has the possible to:

– Strengthen your shoulder so you can avoid future injuries

– Reduce swelling and pain

– Increase flexibility and promote complete range of motion

– Encourage circulation which contributes speedy healing

– Ultimately heal the injury so you have complete use of your shoulder/arm again.

While researching your options, you may come across information by individuals who claim to have healed their torn shoulder injuries by self-discovery. This may be true, but don’t be tempted to copy them. This is a delicate area of the body and any exercises must be approach with great care and in a very methodic way or else you run the risk of making your injury worse.

Don’t be in a rush to jump into surgery. Again, educate yourself on your options, talk with your doctor, get a second (or third) opinion, etc. If you decide to go the physical therapy route, make sure to only choose a rehab program developed by a medical specialized who specializes in rotator cuff injuries.

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