Treat Bed Bugs and Get Them Out of Your House – Simple Steps You Can Take Today!

Treat Bed Bugs and Get Them Out of Your House – Simple Steps You Can Take Today!

How to treat bed bugs depends on the size of the infestation and whether you want to do the work yourself.

The do it yourself approach to bed bug treatment requires several steps and types of products. Here are some simple steps you can follow and products to buy in order to get rid of any infestation. Of course if the problems are harsh you will have to call in a pest control expert.

Consider buying a kit that contains all of the products you need to treat bed bugs. By clicking the links below you can find some good online supplies. A kit will come with a spray, powder, steamer and zippered mattress covers. Some already come with itch cream to help with the bed bug bites.

Do It Yourself Approach to Treat Bed Bugs

1. Clean the Room of the Infestation Thoroughly

When I say thoroughly, I average it. Bag all the clothes and tie wrap them. Put all shoes, sneakers and what ever you can clean and put them in plastic bags. Do the same with blankets, linens and bed covers. Carry them in the plastic to the washing machine. Wash what you can on the hot setting. in any case you can’t wash, if it will resist the hottest setting on your dryer for 10 minutes, do that in addition. After the clothes and blankets dry, put into new plastic bags for protection. Wipe all surfaces with a rag that contains a disinfectant.

Vacuum every inch of the room. Use the crevice tool that came with your vacuum. Be sure to work under everything, along the edges of the walls, the window frames, everywhere. After you are done, don’t remove the vacuum from the room. Take the vacuum bag and seal it in plastic and throw it out, outside of the home. Preferably leave it in the hot sun to kill any bugs or eggs that are alive in the bag.

If you have carpet, use a carpet cleaner and add some disinfectant to treat bed bugs. That should kill any eggs.

Remove all clutter from the room including newspapers and magazines. Throw them out in a plastic bag that you fill and seal in the room.

2. Spray and Use Bed Bug Dust

Buy a non-toxic bed bug spray. Spray around the seams of the bed, and in any crack where you think bugs are hiding. After the mattress has dried, seal it with a zippered cover that specifically states it was made for bed bug problems.

Sprays will kill the bugs on contact. However, the eggs are difficult to find and remove since they stick with a cement like substance. By sprinkling dust, when the young bed bug nymphs are born, the dust should kill them.

3. Steam – A steamer will kill the bed bugs and the eggs. If you buy a bed bug kit it will usually come with one for this purpose. Eggs are usually found on fabric or cardboard surfaces. Check everywhere including picture frames, box spring and already inside smoke detectors.

If this doesn’t work, call a specialized that specializes in how to treat bed bugs. They know where to look and can help you with a complete bed bug treatment program. Whether you do it yourself or call an exterminator, you may need more than one treatment to get them all.

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