Treat Mother Earth Well Or Find Another Planet to Live On!

Treat Mother Earth Well Or Find Another Planet to Live On!

How about a new super earth that is 42 light years away? Well, if we don’t stop destroying our own planet, we may have to jump ship to the new super earth, GJ 1214b, a watery planet that has been seen by astronomers and scientists. It is said to have a very large, hot, and thorough ocean. The estimated temperature of water in that ocean is 370 degrees Fahrenheit. Not already our most strong thorough-sea volcanic vent dwellers can tolerate water of such high temperatures. Our thorough sea microbes can only tolerate temperatures of 284 degrees Fahrenheit according to supplies. GJ 1214b’s constituents of gases are hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, magnesium, oxygen, to carbon dioxide, (David Charbonneau, Astronomer – Harvard University).

As a consequence of the gases mentioned above, scientists are guessing that the new super earth could very well sustain life. Albeit life form that would be very different from what we are used to seeing. Any life form that could tolerate temperatures of 370 degrees will have to be very different from the ones we are accustomed to seeing.

People in the scientific community and blogosphere are buzzing about this new super earth so much that bloggers are encouraging their readers to come up with a better name for the watery planet. Suggested names range from “Oceanus” to “Megasea,” (Wiredscience).

We are destroying our earth so rapidly that we might in addition start looking in other places in our solar system for another habitat. GJ 1214b could be a great place to start. All that would be required is a heat resistant suit!

Speaking of destruction of Earth, big chunks of icebergs are breaking away from Antarctica ending up off the coast of Australia, as we speak, (AFP). These chunks of icebergs are as big as islands. clearly, they will ultimately increasing rapidly and dissolve as soon as they get to warmer and warmer waters. This raises a great question. Where is this additional water going to end up? It will definitely not end up in the back yard pool for sure!

The sad truth is that this additional water from melted icebergs will end up in low-lying areas of the world, causing beaches and lands to disappear. This was the case with a fishing village off the coast of India. This area of the world was just another normal place for people to live and fish. However, a occurrence started happening, year after year. When it rained the area became flooded. However, this was no normal flooding because flood waters did not go away as normal flood waters typically do; the flood waters lingered and lingered. Now the village is largely under water. Areas that are not under water are so secluded that the natives have to use boats to get around. A majority of the village has totally joined the sea.

To make matters already worst, divers from India and England recently made an amazing discovery based on statements of local fishermen and an old Indian Legend, the Seven Pagodas. The Legend Spoke of a underwater city that was once very beautiful. The divers discovered that such Myth was very true. They made the dive and discovered the lost city under water. They knew it was the lost city that the Legend mentioned because it had many man-made artifacts. In fact, it was found in the same location that the Myth described.

There was truly an Indian city called Pagodas in ancient times. The Legend stated that that city was a beautiful city, and it had six temples. The Indian Myth suggested that the city was so beautiful that the gods became jealous and sent a large flood and took it away in one day, (BBC). The fishing village off the coast of India and the Pagodas Legend turned reality can be used as an example as to what could happened to most of our cities if we are not careful.

As human beings and inhabitants of planet Earth, we have a responsibility to ourselves and our children’s children to do all we can to preserve our planet. We should stop from using fossil fuel and use different ways of fueling our world instead. Several studies have shown the negative effects of using fossil fuel. The use of it produces greenhouse gases that destroy our ozone, the protective inner of gases that protects us from the damaging radiation from the sun. Not only that, whenever crude oil is removed or pumped out of a hole in the ground, the hole is filled up with water to take up the space of the removed oil.

In effect, we are introducing more water into the ground that we shouldn’t have been introducing. No surprise when it rains a little in certain places it floods very easily because the ground is already filled with water in those places, a possible consequence that could become a bigger problem if we continue to drill oil. Where ever water is too abundant it will travel to an area that has very little or no water, consequently spreading water to places under the Earth that never had water before.

The destruction of the Earth’s ozone causes our planet to become hotter. This is the reason why we are experiencing such hot summers, world-wide. People are falling victim to heat related illnesses more now than ever before. We are experiencing more floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes on a regular basis. The increase heat on Earth is melting the ice caps of Antarctica, causing large island-size chunks of ice to float to places on Earth they never did before. When are we going to finally get the message?

We have the technology that can help us produce fuel from other supplies other than fossil. We are just reluctant to use them. Why are we so reluctant? We can send human being to space, but we cannot come up with another way of producing fuel. This does not make much sense at all! There have been many discoveries made of different method of powering our engines and machinery. So, why aren’t they being used on a larger extent?

We may be reluctant to using the technology obtainable to produce different method of fuel because of money. People operating in certain sectors of our society would lose money if we drastically shift to another form of fuel. Money is the root of all good and bad evils. Without it, we cannot survive and with it, we are destroying ourselves.

If we do not find another way to strength our world, we will destroy our planet. It will become another planet, one that we won’t be able to tolerate and one that will cause us to mutate into other life forms. Our only different would be to find another planet to live on while Earth is on its last legs. As we have noticed so far with all of our astronomical discoveries none of these so-called super earth have come close to being as hospitable as mother Earth. This is to show us that we should do all we can to protect her from destruction or else we won’t have a chance of survival.

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