Unlimited Web Hosting Syndrome

Unlimited Web Hosting Syndrome

We all know what “Unlimited” method. In simple terms, Unlimited method limit-less, without end, never ending. These are all terms which can be found in today’s standard dictionaries such as Oxford English Dictionary and Collins English Dictionary however when you bring web hosts into the equation, the meaning of “Unlimited” gets severely obscured.

Before we get into the Web great number’s definition of “Unlimited” let us go into a little bit of economics. This should sound familiar to all those year one Economics students. The only thing which is “Unlimited” in this world is human wants! We always want something already though we do not need it. We excursion a Bentley, we want a Mercedes. We have a 2 storey house, we want a 5 storey house. We have $100, we want $1000 and the list goes on into a never-ending cycle. The same cannot be said for server space and network usage. They are both very limited compared to our wants.

If the above statement holds true then why do web hosts advertise unlimited disk space and bandwidth in the first place? It’s because it’s just a marketing ploy to attract unsuspecting customers. Every reputable web great number should have a Terms of Service (TOS) displayed on their website. You should read that to find out exactly what they average by “Unlimited” on their website. This is safeguard you a lot of unnecessary head ache in the future. Some hosts will wait until your website becomes so popular with content and visitors they will literally force your hand by shutting down your server and requesting you upgrade to their more expensive “limited” dedicated server or already force you to simply move if they do not offer something which will meet your current site’s demands.

Changing web hosts is never an easy thing especially as it relates to large CMS based websites with huge databases and registered users. In fact, the larger a website is, the more measures a system administrator or future web great number will have to put in place to ensure everything goes smoothly with your change. Please read the fine print for all web hosts especially unlimited ones. Some unlimited hosts may already resort to overloading their servers to make a profit from offering Unlimited everything which will negatively impact on your site resulting in slow and, often time, unresponsive websites and enormous amounts of downtime.

To safeguard against these ills, you should opt for a webhost which meets your current website’s needs as it relates to traffic and diskspace. If you are on a shared hosting server then upgrading from one shared hosting plan to another shared hosting plan should be very easy! Or already upgrading from one VPS to another VPS on the same server should be of no hassle. By then, you should be making your way to a dedicated server pretty soon!

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