Use Web-Based To-Do List For Your Successful Online Business

On-line business is a quite large concept. It can include actual sale of physical products using a dedicated sales website, sale of digital products like electronic books or on-line courses for subscribers, and also writing and managing a website that has meaningful-information high contents that are targeted at on-line advertisements or affiliated ads.

No matter what kind of on-line business you are in, there are many things to regularly check and do on the Internet to reap a success in your business. As a consequence, what is necessary here is a good to do management.

To do list is considered as a basic tool for time and task management by many experts. The most early but also powerful to do management tool is a pen and a sheet of paper. You just scribble items what you have to do, and get the items done and check it. That’s it. Very simple but very limited, though. This paper-based to do system has some inconvenient shortcomings. For example, it cannot be copied, reused, and definitely cannot contain links to other information as in web pages.

Web-based or on-line to do list is better than paper to do list in many respects.

First, as its name shows, it is stored on the Internet, hence can be connected to various information in the great network of websites out there. For example, suppose you have one item to do and it is related to a website. All you have to do is to insert a link to the website into the item. Now, when you work on the item, you can always click the link within the item and retrieve information you need. This is something you cannot perform with a paper to do list.

Second, web-based to do list can be exported as different formats like csv, txt, opml and etc. This function makes it easier to archive your responsibilities information for future reference. For example, you can make backup of every single task you did for a project on an on-line business like building a website for advertisement income generation. If you make such a to-do list backup, you can import them into a new to do list for a newly started project. With minor changes, the imported to do list can be used for your new projects with ease.

Third, changing due dates of each item on a web-based list is much easier than doing it on a paper to-do list. With a click, you can change deadlines for each to do. Many web-based to do list programs also recognize natural language deadlines such as today, tomorrow, or asap.

Now, there are many web-based to do lists that can do above-mentioned responsibilities. Rememberthemilk, Ta Da List and Toodledo are some of the well-known programs in this category.

Among these on-line to do lists, one that is very intuitive and easy to use but also comes with useful roles is a new web-based to do list, or we could call it outliner according to the developers of the program, checkvist.

Checkvist is basically a to do list and an outliner and also simple project manager. The interface is very simple and all the basic keys you need to know to use the web-based application is just go into (new task), Shift-go into(new sub-task), and space (mark a task as done). There are dozen more roles encased in this excellent outliner.

Checkvist, while doing a great job of a to do list, also can be used as a good writing tool. You can kind at all event you want as separate items and later export them as a txt format and turn them into a piece of writing. If you need to a good to do list manager or outliner, make sure to check the checkvist.

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