Vitiligo (White Spots)

Vitiligo (White Spots)

What is Vitiligo? Is it a minor physical disorder or a serious major disease? This is a skin condition with localized loss of pigmentation of the skin. It can occur due to inflammation of skin, burns, or there might have been harsh eczema one time and later turned to Vitiligo. There is a possibility that in one’s young age, the body cells were destroyed by chemical exposure and the natural color of pigmentation disappeared. As the condition advances, the original natural skin color continues to disappear. When the outer inner of the white identify is darker than the original skin color, then it is confirmed it’s Vitiligo. It is a discoloration or an eruption on the skin.

In India, we believed if we consume certain foods together like milk with fish, onion, or garlic, then one could get Vitiligo. Being a vegetarian, I never had fish in my home back home. When I was young, our mom was always vigilant so we never had this combination. It is a myth or man-made perception, but this fact is well-known among the people in India. It can be hereditary in some situations. Many researchers, after doing a lot of research have not however reached a conclusion. Why and how does this skin disorder occur? It’s unfortunate there is no treatment. In Asian countries it is known as Leukoderma.

Milk is a health promoting food. We never had milk with meals and we were given milk either with breakfast or a cup of hot milk at bedtime. I believe it is an Indian cultural thing. I never gave milk to my children with meals, but they had to drink two cups of milk daily. They had milk with cereal before going to school and a cup of milk in the evening, this was a must. Till date they never got into the habit of drinking milk with their meals.

According to renowned scientist Peter Williams of Pennsylvania University, one should be protective in not to use other’s cosmetics, hairbrush or comb. Stay away from kissing everyone and don’t indulge in sex frequently with different partners because the bacteria keeps on adding up and the results could be horrible. Many times one does not know other’s physical condition. If someone praises you, do not get carried away. There has to be a selfish motive behind it. You do not want any disease and live a miserable life feeling sorry for you. You’ve been blessed with a onetime great gift of life. Learn to live a peaceful and disciplined life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Traditionally Vitiligo can be cured in India by eating ‘BAEL’ fruit and its fresh baby leaves. It is also known as ‘angle marmelos’ or stone apple, wood apple or golden apple. When my husband and I were practicing Yoga and character Cure in India, Lajpat Bhavan, New Delhi in 2005, our yoga instructor Dr. Kailashi gave us bael fruit and said we must eat this fruit as it gives us great health and heals the body. Also, he picked one branch from bael tree and gave one tiny stem with three leaves to each of us saying, “If one eats this stem with three leaves each day, one will never get sick”. What a powerful herb! Bael tree is considered holy.

Neem is another herb used to cure Vitiligo. It’s Latin name is Azadirachta Indica and it’s also known as Margosa. Its leaves are bitter, but considered one of the best blood purifiers. It’s a little difficult to consume, but my friend, who is a cancer survivor, swallows one spoon neem powder with brown sugar first thing in the morning. Remember, “All delicious foods have negative effects and bitter herbs and vegetables have positive results”. Ayurveda uses its leaves, flowers, fruit and already the bark for ailments.

Turmeric is another miracle herb to use on this skin condition. You may use turmeric tincture on the spots 3 times a day for a longer period and have patience; you will see the consequence. Try to keep the area uncovered most of the time.

Garlic is also recommended in Vitiligo. It can heal many mental and physical disorders. You can consume a spoonful of diluted garlic, or apply some on the area directly.

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