Web Hosting Terms Explained

Web Hosting Terms Explained

For the beginner online entrepreneur it is important to familiarize oneself with the commonly used terms or jargons in the web hosting industry. Certain terms are not explained on any given web hosting site and you may sometimes have to Google the term to understand its meaning, importance of it for your hosting account and much more. In effect, it is like lapping up on information so that the user can make a well-informed decision when it comes to selecting a web hosting package.


Bandwidth essentially method how much information can be downloaded from the web server and is measured either in terms of MB or GB. For websites that are large and contain loads of graphics and other downloadable multimedia content; the bandwidth requirement is considerably higher as compared to a simple text web page. The amount of bandwidth offered by any web hosting company varies according to the kind of hosting package offered and the pricing structures go higher if the bandwidth requirement is higher. So if the user’s websites surpasses the allotted monthly bandwidth, the files or images would no longer be downloadable. So basically bandwidth is used up when visitors access the website in addition as download any kind of content featured on the website.

Disk Space

Disk space as the term indicates is the amount of space allotted to a web site to be stored on the Web server. So if your website is more complicate and contains more web pages and content, then it would use more disk space. So if for example, you buy a hosting package that offers a disk space of 5 GB then a disk space of 5GB is allotted to your web site on the server’s hard excursion.

File Hosting

File hosting is a course of action that allows users to upload content and images online. the time of action is fairly simple already for a beginner as the computer acts like a server that saves the files that are being uploaded and saves this information on the hard excursion. This data then becomes easy to reach to anyone who visits the stated web address. So with just a single clicks, users can upload files and images online and thereby proportion and great number this content with great ease.

So next time you go shopping for a web great number, you would know what terms to look for as these are a meaningful part of any hosting package.

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