Why Stressed Financiers Are Turning to Yoga in the Credit Crunch

Why Stressed Financiers Are Turning to Yoga in the Credit Crunch


A growing number of bankers and money managers in the USA are turning to yoga in the current unstable financial climate. According to the Wall Street Journal, over 15 million people in the US practice yoga, and in recent months more and more financiers are seeking inner peace in a time of economic turbulence.

Here in the UK, yoga teachers are seeing a rise in yoga class numbers and many feel that raised stress levels have generated more interest in yoga. Yoga is now seen as a real, scientifically proven way to enhance the quality of your life, and recent results in a random control trial show that Dru Yoga is an effective tool in managing stress.

‘The research we have done shows that Dru Yoga considerably reduces stress’, said Chris Barrington, director of Dru Yoga, one of the UK’s largest yoga schools. It is a real antidote to the economic downturn, and already a little practice of Dru Yoga techniques can make a big difference to your life.’

Ways of overcoming the credit crunch with Dru Yoga

1.    Learn a basic Dru Yoga ordern and practise it regularly. Some sequences take only a few moments, in addition can make a difference to stress levels. There are Dru Yoga classes in most towns and cities, or online classes are also obtainable.

2.    Keep emotionally balanced. You’re much more likely to make the right financial decisions when you’re feeling calm and centered. Dru Yoga and meditation help keep you mentally balanced, so you’ll make the best choices at the right time.

3.    Give yourself a retreat – on a yoga holiday you’ll experience a selection of techniques to balance stress including thorough relaxation, meditation and Yoga. If you can’t provide to go away, give yourself a day off and switch off your phones, ignore your computer, and instead go for a walk in character. All things will pass, including economic downturns.

4.    Beat anxiety with Dru Meditation. Insomnia, panic attacks and headaches are some of the symptoms being labelled as Credit Crunch Stress, which can be helped by relaxation and meditation. Try breathing deeply, equalising the in and out-breaths. Close your eyes and just become aware of the coolness of the in-breath and the warm of the out-breath on your nostrils. Continue for at the minimum five minutes, then stretch and open your eyes little by little.

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